Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time for the Beach!

I'm off today for the beach with my cousins, Judy and Chrissy. Although the weather isn't forecasted to be very good, we'll have a great time---hot tub and heated pool here we come! Which leads me to this.

The master bath renovation is now starting its 14th week. We never dreamed it would take this long! Butch asked at the very beginning, "What do you think, 3 months?" We were told, "Oh no, not that long!" Well here it is 14 weeks later. It took 2 guys 6 days to just do the demolition! I'm pretty sure, based on what all still needs to be done (carpet, painting, plumbing fixtures installed, shower doors, electric run for chandelier, mirrors made, ceiling repaired, chandelier assembled and installed, plantation shutters, granite counter tops and tub top installed, toilet installed, exhaust/heat fans, ceiling fixtures and marble tile around tub put in and grouting, window treatments put up) that its going to be another month at least!

Anyway, that leads to the fact that I almost couldn't find my swim suits and cover-ups. It took me about 45 minutes on two occasions to find them. I was sure I had packed them in the suitcases. I just opened them the first time to find one with scarves and another with pashminas. The third one had towels in it. After a while I gave up. The next time I decided to hunt, I went back to the suitcases and looked underneath the stuff on top. Still no suits. I finally found them in a box under purses. Now I remember the method to my madness. Once I discovered them, I remembered that I put them under my purses (which are all in the individual flannel drawstring bags they came with) so that they would remain dust free! Smart thinking! I just needed to remember it. Not likely these days.

Yesterday, before leaving, this happened:
Steve (our contractor) put the new door knobs and escutcheons on the powder room door. The marble person came this week to measure and took the sink with him. I'm hoping it comes back this week. I'm ready to get this room put back together. I had Steve do this first because I was hoping for some instant gratification. Little did I know that the "hand made mother of pearl inlaid sink" would take so long. Oh well, it's beautiful and will have been worth the wait.
Steve asked about the light fixtures, so I thought I better get everything washed an polished up before installation. I had no idea, when I bought the ceiling fixture that it had all of these loose crystals! I actually love cleaning things like this like my Waterford chandelier. But, I feel bad for Steve to have so much assembly!
In the box was this bag with the instructions for the fixture and other parts. I said, "Look, Steve! They have even included gloves so you don't get fingerprints on the crystals!" He rolled his eyes!! I'm sure once it's up---plus since I have 10 ft. ceilings, you will never be able to see any fingerprints anyway. I'll bet he doesn't use the gloves!

Oh, and one other side note. Remember I mentioned about picking out the same marble out of dozens twice? Well, I did it again. While picking out paint colors, I was going back and forth. When I finally decided, Christy (my designer) said, "You're not going to believe this. You picked out the exact same shade as what's in your bedroom!" The bedroom has had that paint color for 5 or 6 years. I DID NOT want the bath color to match---just coordinate. As it turns out, it just looks different in the bathroom which has much more natural light. What are the odds that out of hundreds of paint samples, I would pick the exact same one AGAIN!! I know my own mind, I tell ya'!

I'll be happy to leave the mess and paint fumes for a while. I'm looking forward to coming home and seeing the progress.

My next post will be from the beach!

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  1. Oh goodness, it is taking a long time, isn't it! I just know you're gonna love it when it's all done.

    We're gearing up for a kitchen re-do, but I keep hesitating knowing it will take longer than I'd like! :|


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