Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Better Late Than Never!

I spent several days with Sandy and family a few weeks ago. The girls were off school on Monday, so we made a day of it. We did a little shopping and then went to the movies to see A Dog's Purpose. We had lunch at the theater where they had those nice big recliners with individual tables. The movie was soooo good. When it was over, I told the girls that we needed to stop and get another dog for them! That says a lot coming from me! Just a great movie.
The next day, while the girls were back at school, Sandy and I went shopping to find a few things to freshen up her dining room table. She has this really cool antique punch bowl. She uses it for holidays and decorates accordingly. But for everyday, she wanted to do something new. I had the idea of using a fresh plant for some greenery rather than a floral arrangement. This way, she can easily lift out the plant when the wants to use the bowl for something food related. We bought the mosaic plate that it sits on. We used the placemat, candles and crystal candlesticks and Lenox tray that she already had. 
We bought the succulent ball from Pier 1. It has several colors to it from green to greenish blue and pinks. I liked it so much that when I got home, I bought one for myself. 
I never noticed this before. But going to "church" has new meaning at their house!
Sandy sent me this picture the following Saturday. I was tired of hearing from the girls about how I gave away their Bargain Hunter game in the 1980's. I found one at an antique shop and gave it to Sandy for Christmas. She and the girls were having a weekend while Greg was at Clemson visiting Mitchell. She said that it was as much fun as she remembered. I wish we'd have played it when I was there. I don't remember anything about the game! I'm glad they are enjoying it---and another generation is liking it too!
Shortly after I left, Titan got his first haircut. He is so darn cute---4 lbs! Still so tiny. He's such a good boy---not much barking at all. They did send me a little video of him barking at a mailman on television. It must be born in dogs to bark at mailmen! 
A couple days after the haircut, he went to the vet for some "boy maintenance!" He has to wear this cone for 10 days. They told Sandy not to let him run or jump. Uh, he's a puppy! The only way to avoid that would be to hold him 24/7. Sandy said it was so sad. With the cone, he could not get in to his crate. They ended up having to put the crate up because he was getting so frustrated.

And then there's this:
Mitchell came home for his spring break with a broken foot. He did it playing basketball a week before and didn't think it was important enough to tell his parents. BOYS!!

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