Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Memos, Mail and Me

This has been a pretty exciting mail week. I posted about Stitch Fix on Saturday---love the surprise of it:

And then there were these pillows I ordered from Pier 1--on sale, free shipping! I'm looking forward to freshening up the whole house when the renovation is done!
The pillows are beautiful and perfect for the sunroom---but they are flatter than a pancake! I think they are vacuum sealed. I have not opened them yet. I'm going to wait---no sense in letting them get all dusty!

And finally, we got a "thank you" note from the guy that owns the pool service company that we use. Butch thinks it's his way of apologizing and hoping he doesn't lose our business. Butch hasn't been thrilled with the service---or I should say, he's dissatisfied because the "guy" didn't show up a couple times. We don't know if it's a result of that or just the fact that the pool pump is really old, but the pump needs replacing ($2000)---we've been here 22 years and never replaced it. So maybe it just wore out. Either way, it was an unusual thank you note to get. I guess we'll stick with him. But if he doesn't get my tile repair done---that's it!

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  1. I do enjoy reading about Stitch Fix: we don't have it here so I like imagining what I might get in a box. It seems like such a fun idea.


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