Saturday, March 11, 2017

I Might be a Bit Egotistical!

When I don't like something, or want to see a change, I do not have a problem letting the proper people know. Then, if things do change or improve, I take personal credit for that! Does that make me egotistical? Maybe. But it usually works out to my advantage.

About a year ago, I heard about this fashion subscription service called Stitch Fix. What could be better than shopping at home, in your pajamas from your easy chair? I hate shopping. I do most of my shopping online these days. Plus, I'm such an impulse buyer that I'm better off staying out of the stores. Target is deadly for me! Now-a-days, stores make online shopping enticing with their free shipping and easy return policies. But when it comes to clothes shopping, that's never fun. Never. I've been complaining for a really long time that they don't make cute clothes for chubby girls. That makes shopping even more UNfun!

Enter Stitch Fix. Totally right up my alley. I went to the website and was disappointed to find that they only provide this service for the smaller sized women of the world. I had to let them know how I felt---marginalized and overlooked (hmmm, does that sound familiar?). Anyway, I am really good at expressing my frustration and disappointment in a nice way.  I contacted Stitch Fix and let them know that there were others "outside their box" that needed the help of a personal stylist too.

Lo and behold---due to my nice email (I'm sure)---a year later, Stitch Fix has added a "fix" for larger women. It is so cool! All you do is fill out a style, size and cost profile (on the cost profile, I would like to know who the people are that would select over $200 rather than "the cheaper the better"). You are matched with a stylist who puts together a box of 5 items for you. Here are the basics:

1. You decide how often you want a box (called "fix"). I'm down for every 6 weeks---but you can change it or cancel it at any time. There are no requirements.
2. It costs $20.00 styling fee per box. That $20.00 is applied towards any purchase. If you don't want anything, they keep the 20 bucks for their trouble. No postage or handling fees. They do charge tax.
3. When the "fix" arrives, you decide which of the 5 pieces you want to keep. If you keep them all, not only is the $20 applied, but you get a 25% discount.
4. A pre-paid envelope is included for your returns. All you do is put what you don't want in the envelope and drop it in the mail. You have 3 days to decide.

To find out more, go here: Stitch Fix

Here's my first box:

You know how much I like cool packaging! I love the color coordination. I'll be using this box for sure. Turn it inside out and it's a nice gift box. Added bonus.
This was a little package inside. 
 It contained this necklace.
 The clothing choices were a pair of print, tone on tone pants, a light blue pullover sweater, a navy cardigan, the necklace and a print blouse.
Along with the 5 items, there is a pamphlet showing you some style ideas to go along with your choices.

I decided on 3 things---the pants, blue sweater and navy sweater. I really liked the necklace, but I find that I don't really know how to wear long necklaces. I didn't care for the green print blouse because I don't wear green. I was going to return those two items. Then, I realized that with the 25% discount, it was only $15.00 more to just keep everything. I'll wear the blouse for sure to see if I like that color. If I don't it can be something to wear that looks nice just when I'm going to stitching or running errands. The necklace---I might try it, or just keep it to use as a Christmas gift for one of the girls. Win.

My stylist is Lauryn (that's the spelling). When you are deciding what you want to keep or not, you fill out a little questionnaire about each piece. That goes to your stylist so she gets to know you. Even though I kept everything, I gave her feedback on the items I didn't love. She emailed me and asked if I had a Pinterest fashion board she could look at to get an idea of my taste. I didn't have one, but promptly created one! I really love that personal touch.

As for pricing, I'd say, the prices compare to Macy's. Not as expensive as the designers, but certainly not as cheap as Target. I think you know what I mean.

If you decide to give it a try, use this link: Stitch Fix. If you do, I get a $25.00 credit. They even have it for men.

Maybe it is egotistical, but I'm pretty sure I'm the reason we now have Stitch Fix for women like me! I'm pretty happy about that!


  1. They have maternity too! I started using it when pregnant and LOVE it!!! I hear the secret is to keep your Pinterest board updated with items you like. My next fix is next week!

  2. I was a member for a short time about two years ago - and right on the borderline of fitting (or not) their largest size range at the time. I ended up canceling because the vast majority of the clothing did not fit me correctly. And I mentioned (nicely) at the time that they should consider addressing the needs of larger (and older) women. I have no doubt they heard it from a LOT of us!


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