Thursday, March 2, 2017

Members of the Family

I don't believe I've ever done a post dedicated to animals. But now that there are so many new "family members" I thought it was about time!

Stephanie and Nicky were the first with Rio. She's a quirky cat for sure.

Morgan was next with her dogs:
 This is Walter. He's an English Shepherd.
 Here is Sadie. She's an Australian Shepherd. Just goes to show what little I know. I had only ever heard of German Shepherds!

 Next came Titan.
This tiny little Maltese belongs to Sandy and family.
 When the family is ready to go anywhere, he climbs in to his crate so they'll take him along!
 He's going to be getting his first haircut this week.
 He's definitely a cute little guy. I played with him while in Charlotte last week. At one point, I was trying to read. He was barking at me for attention (by the way, he's not a barker as some small dogs can be). I was trying not to make eye contact because I have a compulsion to wash my hands after petting the dog. Anyway, he leaped up in to my lap! Sandy said he had never done that before. I was trying to get him to do it again so they could see. Of course he wouldn't.
 Finally we have Jordan's cat, S'mores.
Her coloring makes her look like a Smore.

I think it's time that I acknowledge that these pets are members of the family. Heck, I guess they are since I bought them Christmas presents!

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