Sunday, March 12, 2017

Poker Night

Butch and I started a poker group when we lived in Kansas City. After we moved to Nashville---32 years ago, we decided that the quickest way to really get to know our neighbors was to start another one. The guys play poker once a month rotating houses. We girls go to dinner.  At the beginning it was supposed to be really easy---the guys order pizza and the host has dessert. Now, the hostess makes the guys a meal.

These people have become our best friends. We started traveling together when the kids were little. Now that all the kids are grown and gone, we're still traveling together. We pretty much do everything together.

Anyway, David and Linda were going to be hosting poker night this past Friday. As Linda and I were stitching last Tuesday, she was talking about what she was going to serve. Fridays during Lent pose some challenges. After stitching, we went to lunch at the City Cafe where they had these fancy cupcakes. She said, "That's what I'm going to make for the guys." I immediately started ridiculing her---"Sure you are. Just like those pies you never made! Uh huh!"

That reference takes us back about 10 years. We were tailgating before a Titan's game. We girls were thumbing through some magazines. We saw some pictures of these amazingly decorated pies. Similar to these:

Now mind you, Linda said she had never made a regular pie. Yet she was going to make these. She bought all the stuff including the fancy cutters. She never did make those pies. I razzed her many times over the years. She finally admitted that she had "lost" the cutters. They had their kitchen re-done last year and, lo and behold, they turned up. Still, we have yet to see those pies. So, it was only natural when she said she was going to make fancy cupcakes that I would scoff at her!

Well, I have to eat my words! Her cupcakes looked amazing!
I'm taking credit for those Oreo Thins on top. She had never heard of them until we talked about them on Tuesday! Still, the cupcakes and using the thins on top were her idea. Better yet, when Butch got home, he remarked that "those cupcakes were fantastic!"

I finally got my just dessert (no pun intended---or maybe so). Linda invited us girls in for a cupcake after dinner. I turned it down. I have a major sweet tooth that I am trying to control. Now I'm mad that I declined. I guess you'd say I deserved to miss it.

Linda got the final word. She did it! She followed through with the cupcakes. But she said it took so long that she'd not be making them again!!

Next up---the pies. Yeah, right! We'll be waiting for those another 10 years. At least. Love this girl!

PS Butch also said that Linda's tuna salad was the BEST he ever had! For a guy that never seemed to be all that interested in food, he's becoming quite the "foodie!" I'm just sayin' it takes a lot to impress him. Linda did! Congrats my friend!

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  1. Good friends are always such a blessing. The cup cakes and the pie look so delish.


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