Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weekend Adventure

Last weekend, Stephanie and Nicky invited us on an adventure with them. Butch actually planned the day. We picked them up at 9 and headed down the river road. Our first stop was The Green Door Gourmet.
There were so many fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and prepared foods for sale. All of it's organic and farm fresh. Stephanie said she thought this was the type of place you could go to pick fresh berries. She said that we should do that sometime. Nicky quipped---"what, so you can make jam? I love jam." Good one Nicky! Steph is not a cook! But her momma can help her if that's what she wants to do! Anyway, everything in the place was pretty pricey. Still it was fun to visit. It had been on my list for a long time. I did get some heirloom tomatoes---basically 2---for $2.00 EACH! They were delicious! I didn't get my share of fresh tomatoes this summer!
 The Green Door had a really nice Halloween display.

 The gourds were gigantic! I've never seen any this big before.

This is the hay bale maze. We didn't walk through it as the grass was still really wet. Plus, we didn't really want to. I think it's for little kids because it's pretty easy to see where you need to go.
 After our stop at the Green Door, it was off to Ashland City for some geo-caching.
 This particular cache was along a nice path rather than through the woods.
The first clue was to find the "yellow" ribbon. Well, maybe it was yellow to begin with, but it's orange now. The next clue was to find the "twin" trees. That wasn't too hard. It was pretty easy to find.
The next cache was a virtual--meaning you have to find the answers to a series of questions. These are fun because you learn about the town/building/history of places. This is the courthouse in Ashland City.
The part on the left is the original building. It has been added on to and is still in use today. We had a harder time finding the geological marker. They are usually in pavements. We walked all around the building. Butch finally found it---he's the master! It had been relocated and was on top of a base with a column.

After we got all of the clues, we walked to Cody's Diner for lunch. Butch said it was the #2 eating spot in Ashland City. It's was in an old house. Basically it was a meat and three. We all enjoyed our meals, but didn't feel like it was fabulous. It was just fine!!

On the way home, we made a stop the Sprint store because Steph's brand new iPhone 7 had suddenly died---otherwise, we would have been home by 12:30. Just in time for football! We like to go early so when we get home, we still have most of the day.

This weekend, we're off to D.C. for a couple days. I'm sure it will be chilly there as the temps are really starting to dip here.


  1. It sounds like a quick little adventure. Come to think of it, I've not had many fresh home grown tomatoes this summer either.

  2. That looks like a very full day of different adventures - the display of gourds is beautifully put together, isn't it. Nice to see you in person!


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