Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween in the House

I really didn't like Halloween when the girls were little. The whole costume thing always sent me over the edge. Now I love Halloween decorations and have had a lot of fun doing all sorts of Halloween needlepoint. The only problem is that no one really sees all of this. Luckily, this year, the Lapps are coming for the weekend---arriving tonight!
Now if I can just find candles! I'm having a Halloween luncheon next week, so I need candles! 15 to be exact!

Elizabeth made these little guys for me last year.
I love to layer tablecloths. Once Halloween is over, all I have to do is take off the Halloween things and transition the table to fall.
A few pumpkins, leaf table runner and leaves will do it.
I thought the "dead" (okay, dried) roses were the perfect addition to the table.
I bought Bernard a few  years ago at Walgreens. He talks in a creepy voice, lights up and moves.

Well, that's it for decorating. I basically do the entry, this chest, the kitchen table and the dining room table. 

I'm so sorry to miss the Lapps' this weekend. I head out today to KY Lake to meet my sisters for our bi-annual scrapbook retreat. I'll have fun, but I sure do hate that I won't see the "kids!" I know they are going to have a good time---Kid Rock and all!


  1. I'm sure they'll love it: it looks like there is something new to discover round every corner

  2. Those Halloween stitched bits look so intricate - you do lovely work.

  3. My goodness, you really do go to town! What an amazing collection of items - if I were visiting it'd take me ages to utter a word, so entranced would I be. Mind you, I am not sure I'd cope with Bernard ...your table setting is lovely. Hope your gathering goes very well ...

  4. Oh wow! I love all your hallowe'en decorations! We don't do much for Hallowe'en here in the uk,and like you, I have no one to see it! But we are heading off to Boston at the end of the month, and hoping to visit Salem! Might have to bring home a few decorations!


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