Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Diane did it again! My British book club friend made me another proper tea! I was secretly hoping she was going to do high tea again. She brings things from England that she can't find here. Her spread is amazing. I can't imagine how long it takes her to do this.
Everything is homemade. There are salmon and cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, cheese  with Branson pickles, a sausage pastry, cheese pastry, fruit with cheese, pickles with cheese, crackers and dip, and the most delicious ham, tomato and cheese quiche---so light and fluffy. I'm sure I haven't remembered everything. There were so many choices. Heck--we didn't choose---we had a little of everything!
The sweets: currant scones with raspberry jam and homemade black currant jam--topped with the best clotted cream I've ever had. I think I'm the only one who actually had tea.

In addition, there was chocolate cake and lemon squares. It was all so delicious! And to think she made this just for me! At least I like to think so. After all, she sent me home with some of the goodies (okay, she sent home goodies with others too).
Diane is on the left with her friend, Gail. I'm sure they spent the day putting this spread together. I sure do appreciate it. I can't wait to visit them in their hometown of Nottingham next September. Our book club is taking a road trip!

Thank you Diane for bringing a proper tea straight from England to me! I love it!


  1. What a splendid feast! Diane has truly done you all proud. So glad you enjoyed it ... (If you're coming to Nottingham next year, I'd love to meet up :). )

  2. How FUN - it looks fabulous (& yummy!).

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks for your sweet comment on my planner post. What a sweet friend and great job Diane did, I would of had one of each. Moving, God willing to Enterpise soon, are you still going near there. I know no scrapbooking stores left in south Florida. I still love to scrapbook.
    Sending blessings,


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