Saturday, October 3, 2015

Starbucks Update

Remember my recent post: "I Never Knew?" about my Starbucks card being hacked? Well, it's been a huge hassle. I called and thought it was all straightened out. I patiently (okay, not so patiently) waited for my new card with my $97.00 to come in. the gist of it was that the old card was cancelled and the new card was on the way. It never did arrive.

Since I didn't have the card, I wasn't using it---and therefore not even getting credit for the drinks I did buy. I went online---just for the heck of it---and---you've probably guessed---it was HACKED AGAIN!!! I guess by the same person.

I had to call back a second time about a week and a half ago. At first I couldn't get through---I kept getting disconnected---three times. Someone would answer, I'd launch in to my story and then, disconnect! You know how aggravating that is. I went back online and sent an email that way. Before you can submit your question/problem you have to put in your account number. I NO LONGER HAD THE CARD!!! And, I had deleted it from my Passbook on my phone. I was really frustrated, but somehow, I got my email through and someone emailed me back. Apparently, Starbucks has good records because they referenced my first call. The email told me that someone would be calling me within 24 hours---and they did! Yeah for Starbucks.

When I answered the phone, I thought, "Great, I have to go through all of this explaining again!" But, no. The person on the other end already was up to speed on my situation. She said that what happened is that my first card somehow was NOT cancelled and the $97.00 was reloaded on to it. That's how the criminal was able to scam them for another $97.00. This representative said that finally that card was cancelled. She had me change my password on my account. Of course, it's not one I can easily remember anymore---uppercase, lowercase, symbol and number---you know the drill. I did it and wrote down the new password in my handy-dandy password keeper.

The card was supposed to arrive in 3-5 days. Well, I was pretty sure they must have been using the pony express because a week later, it still hadn't arrived. Come on, all the way from Seattle? Mail has gotten really slow when it takes two days here in town these days. Still, I waited.

Yesterday made it 10 days. I told myself that if it didn't arrive, I was going to have to call back again. Of course, I said that on day 7, 8, 9. But this time I really meant it. Lo and behold---it came!!! I was one happy convalescent! That plus that fact that my friend, Karolyn---who NEVER even does Starbucks---stopped and picked up my favorite "ventiicedblackteashakenwiththreeequalsplease!" I was so happy! It's the little things.

I waited until today to register the new card. It's not like me at all to have negative thoughts, but I was just sure it was going to be difficult. Nope, it was easy as pie. Starbucks knows their stuff! I even got the new card back on my Passbook on my phone. I'm all set. It'll be awhile yet before I can use it, but I'm ready.

You woulda thought that the criminal would have at least been earning stars for me. The way I figure, I should have had at least two free drinks coming. Hey wait a minute. If I took those free drinks, I guess I'd of been a thief too.

Good not to have been tested.


  1. So sorry to hear of the trouble - and I've just updated my iphone app to be able to buy drinks on it using the credit. But I only put £20 on at a time. Glad it was sorted in the end!

  2. It all sounds very complicated! But I'm glad it's sorted out. You can sip easy again


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