Sunday, October 25, 2015

All in the Family

Let's start with Sandy. She is a MAJOR Kid Rock fan. Here is here official fan club package. 
She goes to at least two Kid Rock concerts a year---traveling out-of-town to do it. She'll stand for hours and hours. Normally, she's not a pushy person. But when it comes to those open seating festivals, she has no problem working her way to the front.
This year, there was a new Kid Rock event in Nashville. Since he owns a home here now, he did a weekend event at Fontanel (former home of Barbara Mandrell---now event space). Sandy specifically wanted to do the whole package---fish fry, concerts and pajama party---with Kid Rock! Unfortunately, it was the same weekend that Butch was coming to Charlotte for Jeff Gordon's last hometown Nascar race. Mitchell was home for his birthday and the race. AND Victoria had her fist homecoming dance---then a Confirmation retreat. 

She really could not get away. But the fact that she even considered it is a "HUGE" deal. She does everything for her family and puts herself second---except when it comes to Kid Rock. When they travel to concerts, she's been known to make the kids just "suck it up" in the hotel room! She's determined to attend during 2016 and has even planned how to justify the money---no Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's Day, birthday or anniversary gifts!! I do hope she gets to do it---at least once. It will be interesting to see how she reacts when she meets him---compared to Stephanie's reaction when she met the New Kids on the Block---"Are you gonna' rock it tonight?" OMGosh, that was lame!!

On to that Homecoming dance at Charlotte Catholic High School.
She went with her friend, Kevin. They have a lot of fun together. Plus, since Elizabeth had to tag along, he didn't mind! Notice the picture in the parking garage? I guess that's the best they could do.

 At the dance.

As it turns out, the race was rained out on Saturday. That ended up being a blessing as the weather on Sunday was perfect! Jeff didn't win, but that didn't seem to put a damper on Mitchell, Greg and Butch's enthusiasm.
 Last weekend the did a fall family outing to the pumpkin patch and corn maze.
They look like it was chilly. Hard for me to believe as it's still pretty warm here. Of course Greg is in a short sleeved jersey.

And that's what's happening with Sandy's family.


  1. Who doesn't love Kid Rock!! I hope she gets to go as well :)
    Looks like you all had a wonderful month so far :)

  2. Hope Sandy gets to go and it lives up to her expectations.


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