Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Getting Your Hopes Up!

I try to always be optimistic---which isn't so hard since I was born this way.  But today, Butch said I shouldn't get my hopes up. I texted that to the girls and told them it was too late. Of course my hopes were up. I don't even know what it feels like to have your hopes "down!"

I had my follow-up visit today after my foot surgery last week. Apparently, we both heard completely different things from the doctor. Last time I had this surgery, I had to go in to a hard cast. Butch thought I was going in to another splint cast this time, while I "heard" I was going straight to the boot. Well, I got the BOOT!!! Oh happy day!!!

The heavy cast the last time killed my knees and "activated" my hives. I definitely didn't want that again. Butch was so surprised and said he didn't understand if I had to wear the cast for 4 weeks last time and then the boot for 4 weeks, how could I skip the cast? We started discussing it and decided that there were several things at play.

1. I had the experience of the first surgery and knew what to expect.
2. I followed the doctor's orders to the letter and cut my recuperation by 3 weeks the last time.
3. The nurse/technician, resident and doctor seemed surprised that I have NO pain. That's a good thing, right??? I only took the pain pills for the first 3 days. In fact, I used the same ones left over from the last time. Yes, I'll admit, for half a second I considered refilling the new oxycodone prescription just to sell them and make a few bucks. But, I'm no drug dealer. If I were to have this surgery again---which of course I won't---I still have enough of the pills left from surgery #one.
4. The doctor seemed a bit incredulous that I said this surgery was easier. Neither Butch nor I understood that reaction. I guess had he planted the seed that this one would be harder, I would have reacted to that.
5. In actuality, the doctor never actually said what he was going to do and we both just "assumed" what we did.

Any way you cut it, I'm so happy to be in the boot. Don't get me wrong. It's still uncomfortable and bulky. It rubs me in all the wrong places---which isn't good for my hives either. But, I am much more mobile and can take it off while sitting. In two weeks, I won't even have to wear it to sleep. Since it's my left foot this time, I can drive. I promised Butch that I'll take it easy and not drive yet. In reality, I pretty much HAVE to take it easy. I can really only be up walking around in the boot about 10 minutes max before it starts hurting my back. So, I won't be hitting the mall or anything like that for awhile. Still, I plan to meet friends for lunch, play bridge, get back to Movie Monday and go to the theater events on my calendar. A friend loaned me a rolling chair---it's sort of like a wheel chair except someone has to push it. That's what I'll use if there's any length of walking involved in my excursions. I'm still pretty limited.

That's okay with me. I'll take comfort over being able to maintain my regular busy schedule. Besides, I'm getting so much done around here. I'll have to share my latest stitching project soon.

Still not bored! I'm so lucky to have friends who visit me! Yesterday a few of them came over to have lunch with me and watch a movie. We spent the first hour or so just catching up. I need my "girls!" Plus, it was a nice break for Butch and his caretaking duties!

I'm glad I got my hopes us. It worked out just fine for me!!


  1. That's such great news! And on top of your comfort, you got a great blog post out of it..good fun to read! Keep on healing

  2. A positive attitude is so important; so glad that you were rewarded for yours. And bless Butch for wanting you not to be disappointed - that's a reward of its own too.


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