Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What Happens When I have Time on My Hands...

...I do silly, meaningless stuff.
Like this:
I've figured out potential candidate names for future family members that will fit on the wall. Hopefully, the grands will "buy" in to the plan!

They just need to keep some of these names in mind:
Tony; Alma; Dan; Dana; Deb; Amy; May; Fay; Hillary; Harry; Hannah; Hank; Chad; Chip; Chuck;
Mary; Joey; Sam; Sara; Anna; Andy; Phil; Paul; Paula; and some more "H" names. After Justin's name goes up, there will be even more possibilities.

Yeah, way too much time on my hands!


  1. But what a fun thing to do! I do this on my fridge door for high days and holidays when there's more that just him 'an me.


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