Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The White Sock Test

So you've heard of the white glove test? Well, being I'm in socks all the time around the house, I decided to change that to the white sock test.
 I'm doing a lot of sitting around. When I'm up, I'm wearing the boot, so only one sock actually gets dirty. I thought that would make for a good test---how well is Margarita really cleaning my house?
I'd say she's doing a pretty darn good job!

The things I think of to do when I have nothing else to do...


  1. LOL - it does look like she's doing a good job!

  2. Those white socks might not have fared so well around here. I need to embark on some serious fall cleaning to make up for the spring cleaning that didn't happen that was to make up for last fall's cleaning which . . . you get the idea. I'm long overdue to spend time with a mop and pail.

  3. She definitely is doing a good job - my two offspring's work would fail that test...


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