Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There's Nothing Like...

....surprises in the mail!

 Erin, one of my fellow AYMers sent me this goodie package---the results of her antiquing. It will all show up in the kits now and then. Thanks, Erin! I love it all!

The postcard project continues. I received two this week.
This one is from Serena in Australia. I've never been there, so this was a nice overview of tourist attractions.
This one came from Ruth in---guess where? London---one of my most favorite places!

I have really enjoyed this postcard project. It is so much fun to get mail from around the world!

It's definitely been a week of happy mail! Keep it coming!


  1. I'm loving the postcard exchange as well.

  2. That's a dolls clothes pattern isn't it? I think we have that one somewhere in my Mum's sewing box. Or maybe it was just one of the ones I lusted after but never bought!

    Thank you for your fab card. TSO has run off with it to pin up in her room. Oh and she says to tell you that she made it to a Target store and it lived up to her expectations

  3. thank you for the cards Barbara, so lovely and it's really kind of you to send 2 of them! when I saw the Loveless Café Nashville I had this song of Elvis pop in in my head and I was happy all day !The smoky mountains one is beautiful and inspired a page in my art journal; I'm really enjoying the card exchange project. warmly,

  4. It is lovely to receive surprises in the mail isn't it...and that looks like a pretty pile x

  5. Hi Barbara, just popping in to say hello, its ages since I blogged or visited so I'm way behind with your news. Hope all is well with you though.


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