Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five Things Thursday

5 things I've learned this week:

1. I learned that GFU does NOT mean Good For You---I mistakenly sent this message to the family. After getting over the shock, they figured out what I meant.

2. I learned that Koalas are NOT bears---but marsupials. I'm really "in" to a show called "Sex in the Wild." I tuned in to it before I knew it was about animals. It's really interesting. And, there's nothing on tv these days. Can you tell? I'm desperate enough that I'm planning to watch "Bachelors in Paradise" starting on Monday.

3. I learned that having a book club member from Nottingham---2 hours from London means you'll get a "cream tea" when she hosts. And, she had the most awesome napkins. I begged her to let me take one home. She insisted I take two. Okay! I did! I wish I'd taken a picture of her table. There's nothing I like better than a tea party. I think we'll keep her!! Well, whenever she's in town---she's heading home in about a week but will be back in september. And that accent...totally love it.

4. I learned that I still am flexible enough to maneuver myself from the passenger side of my car---up over the console---to get in the driver's seat. Why, you ask? Because someone blocked me in again. When you park, you absolutely know when you have parked too close to the car next to you. Some people just don't care. Curses to them---although I didn't!

5. I learned that although I do have arthritis in my toes, that's not the problem causing me so much pain. I have bone spurs. The cartilage is gone and I have bone rubbing on bone. I never knew that I have no mobility in one toe. It was so obvious when the doctor yanked on it and I nearly went through the roof with the pain. That's when I realized I could not move it. I never knew. He prescribed Celebrex---until I decide to have surgery which is the permanent "fix." I also didn't know that Celebrex was $258 for a one month supply! I guess that's technically 6 things I've learned this week.

Actually, I could go on and on. I learn stuff all the time.


  1. still trying to work out what it does mean!!

  2. I think I'd be applying for that surgery soon. Celebrex has a lot of nasty side effects, counter-indications, and drug reactions. I couldn't take it because I'm allergic to sulfanomides.

  3. Having tried crutches lately, I think maybe if I were you I'd try the drugs for a bit. Though, the price, wow!


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