Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weather Issues

With the recent deep freeze in the South---we still didn't get any snow in Nashville---just another dusting. Turns out, we had to go to Colorado to finally experience some snow. And, boy, did we!!! The prediction was 15-30 inches. We found out today that we got 26 inches yesterday. That's a lot of snow. They are predicting another 5 inches today.
This is what it looked like yesterday morning around 5-ish. I love looking out on that fir tree with the white lights.
 This was about noon---just so pretty to look at. If I had to be out in it, I'd probably hate it.
This morning, the snow has nearly reached the top of the deck rail. We have beer buried in there somewhere.
The only problem is that if you've come out here to ski---you can't. The gang went out yesterday, but came back within a couple hours. Due to the continuing snow, they were not grooming the mountain. Butch said you were literally skiing UNDER the snow---could not see your skis at all. It was way too hard. He said his legs felt as if he was on his last day rather than his first. I hate that skiing might be out of the question---the whole reason we come out here. Well, not me. I haven't been able to ski for quite a few years now. I miss it.

We girls did some knitting/crocheting. I'm making boot cuffs for Christmas. I'll share a photo and the pattern when I get them finished. We'll probably spend the day watching a few movies. The only problem, we don't really have enough food. I guess we should have made a run on the grocery store when we had the chance! At least that's what the southerners do.

7:30 a.m. Today:

This is the rental car from the front door.


  1. Wow. Hope you weren't planning on leaving any time soon!

  2. OMG I love it! I plan to see that much snow someday.

  3. Now, if you're going to talk about the weather, this kind is worth talking about! and exactly how it should look. As long as you're safe, dry and warm. Great pictures.

  4. Er, wow! we're still waiting for our first snow does make for such pretty pictures

  5. Wow that's a lot of snow! We were celebrating the twins birthday on Saturday - temperatures in the 70s with lots of humidity!


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