Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bragging Rights

Butch, Greg, Stephanie, Mindy and myself all have Fitbits. If you don't know what that is, let me explain. It's the little electronic device that is a glorified pedometer. 
It greets you or sends you a message of encouragement.
It tells time.
It tracks the number of steps you take.
It records the number of miles you've walked.
It tells you how many flights of stairs you've walked (although I don't think that is so accurate---our back stairs which equal 9 stairs aren't enough to count for a flight, but our front steps which are 18 only counts as one flight). It even gives you accomplishments like "you've climbed a long neck giraffe, or you've climbed the Hollywood sign = 5 flights).
It tells you how many calories you've burned (it's unbelievable how much it takes to burn few calories).
It has a flower that grows when you put forth a lot of effort.
It costs about $75.00.

The Fitbit is interactive with the Fitbit website where you can record your food and water intake. It tracks your weight---you set your goals. Each day, based on your activity, you can "earn" more calories. It keeps track of it all via the "cloud." This is what my "dashboard" looks like.
We have a family group set up. It's sort of like a competition. 

Last week, for the very first time---I beat everybody!! I have never even been close!! I was so surprised. Of course, it's because of my treadmill desk. But here's the thing---4 of those days I was in Colorado and not getting nearly enough steps. Still, I continue to "rock it" today. 

Mitchell sent me this message:
"grammy congrats on putting a fit bit clinic on the rest of the family!"

I had to ask Butch what that meant. He said that it means something about being an expert and showing the rest of the family how it's done. 

Trust me, I'm no expert. I'm just working hard---and actually liking it. 

Valentine's Day is coming up. Maybe a Fitbit would be the perfect gift. If you get one, you can join me in this competition. But let me warn you, I plan to retain my bragging rights for quite a while!!


  1. Kudos! Feels good doesn't it? I made #1 on my own friend list once - it was awesome! (i've got a couple of diehard friends who routinely do 10k + a day).

  2. Congrats.....sounds like you're doing really well.
    p.s. yarn bombing is is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn rather than theory it's illegal....but most places are quite happy to see it as it's bright, fun and not see it quite a lot in the UK....but I'd never seen it in Europe before. You can see some great examples in Google images.

  3. You have reminded me of the time I jokingly complained to my boss in the library about how far we had to walk every day and he gave me a pedometer. Of course you have guessed what happened - I discovered I wasn't walking as far as I thought I was..

  4. Congratulations! I keep looking at one of these but haven't succumbed yet.


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