Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Honeymooners

I was off scrapbooking last week while the honeymooners were down in the Caribbean. More on that later, but for now, a few shots from the Grand Exhuma Island.
Stephanie said that the place was absolutely gorgeous. It was previously a Four Seasons Resort that is now owned by Sandals---the all-inclusive chain. She said the food was fabulous.There's not much to do on the island, so you better like the beach or one of many beautiful pools. They both have stressful jobs, so they were happy to just chill out for the week. Stephanie didn't bring her computer. She said she wanted to be unplugged for the week. I don't think I could have done that. I'm always afraid I'm missing something.
 I'm not sure where this view is from. They only had rain once for a brief period.

The "thing" to do on the Grand Exhuma Island is to swim with the pigs. Stephanie said it was a lot of fun---the pigs were huge and wiry. Nicky had a bruise from a pig hoof. This was part of an excursion that included snorkeling---which they said was the best they'd ever done---and a stop at a little island full of iguanas that you could feed. I guess they don't have pictures of that, but Nicky did show us a video. Those things were HUGE!
 Nicky said it was like Pavlov's dogs---as soon as the boat approached the beach, the pigs came a runnin'!  Look at that turquoise water---there's nothing better than the Caribbean.

They didn't want to come home. I don't blame them! I'm so glad they had a good time. You just never know when you book something no one has ever heard of before. This one was a winner!


  1. I'm so glad they had a great time! We didn't take computers & we turned our cell phones off for the whole 7 day cruise for our 10th anniversary a few years ago - it was fantastic! I could do it again . . . if I had to! LOL

  2. i've seen it all now...swimming with pigs!!! No 3 son loves pigs I will have to show him.

    It looks like paradise..I'm sure they had an amazing time xx


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