Wednesday, February 19, 2014

...And they're off...

To the Grand Exuma island in the Bahamas where they'll swim with the pigs!!

Sam, a professional photographer for The Tennessean (and a personal friend of Stephanie and Nicky's) took the pictures, so I don't have them yet. What follows are a few that I got from Steph's friend, Rikki's Facebook page (thanks for posting, Rikki---or I'd have nothing).

The wedding was small and intimate---just immediate family and a few of Steph and Nicky's closest friends. They got married at the Cathedral---same church and priest (Father Steiner) that Sandy and Greg had nearly 20 years ago. Plus, about a month ago, I was going through some "stuff" and came across a note that I had written years ago. I didn't remember this at all, but it turns out that Butch and I got married in the Church on Feb. 15, 1972. If you are wondering how I could forget my wedding date---it's because we were married by a judge in my backyard on August 21, 1971---which is the date we use as our anniversary. We married in the Church a few months later. I think all of this is a good omen for Steph and Nicky.
The Cathedral is beautiful and very ornate---a perfect setting for a wedding---even if it's a little big for a small gathering. Plus, you don't have to get flowers to decorate it.

They wanted their wedding to just be low-key with a fun party. Just something simple---nothing formal or stuffy.
The happy couple. Steph wore a knee-length, vintage inspired dress. She had white heels, but ditched them for flip flops at the party. Nicky looked so handsome in his new suit.
They were not planning to do anything "formal" but at the last minute, decided to cut the cake. Afterwards, she said she wished they hadn't done that as it seemed awkward to them. At least they didn't do the "smash the cake in each other's face" thing.
Now this is the part that gives a little something away for the St. Louis party in June. Since I have other fun things planned for that, I guess it's okay.
I punched the hearts out of an old book with the help of Sandy and the girls. I have TONS---so you can bet they will turn up in an AYM kit soon. The cotton candy was invented in Nashville in the late 1890's and introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. I thought that was a perfect party favor---being we're from St. Louis AND having called Nashville home since 1985.
The gift table.
 I realize that these architectural alphabet things are overdone these days, but I just couldn't pass this up.
 The bird cage is decorated with bits of lace from Steph's grandmother's wedding dress.
I collected those embroidery hoops for quite awhile---and I'm glad I did. They were the perfect thing for a display.
I came across this in a catalog and thought it was so cute. Steph and Nicky are keeping her house and making some renovations to make it "theirs." I already planned to make a wall grouping out of all of this when she asked me if I would help spruce up her house when they finish the work.
The cake is from Dessert Designs. The cakes are works of art---and the BEST cake you will ever eat. Several people told me that it was the BEST cake they had EVER---not just for a wedding.
 The detail is remarkable.

Everybody danced the night away---or at least until 10:00 p.m. I don't know where the party went after that!!

Several people told Stephanie and Nicky that they had never seen so many people dancing all night---a sure sign they were having a good time. Stephanie told Nicky that he was going to dance all night!! And he did! Actually, he likes to dance too. I just thought it was funny that they weren't even married a couple of hours and she was already bossing him around. He's been around for a long time, so he knows what he's getting "in" to.

Elizabeth and Morgan hold the record for being on the dance floor the most. Sandy was close behind. I did my share, but definitely not all night like I used to be able to do. I got Mitchell out there many times. He said that he felt awkward and only had one move. I told him that the key to dancing is to just do it. The more you dance, the better you get. If you only have one move, then just keep doing it, but move around the floor and turn around. That way it doesn't look like the same move. One think I know for sure---you have more fun if you dance---and girls definitely like boys who dance!! That was the first thing that attracted me to Butch. I also danced with Eli--he's a good dancer. He and Jordan spent a lot of time on the dance floor. There were times when only 12 people were on the dance floor and 11 of them were US!! Like I said, we're a party all by ourselves!!


  1. Looks like it was a perfect wedding & party! The bride is gorgeous beside her handsome groom and the decorations were so lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your displays are just lovely. The birdcage is inspired.Dancing all night is required at a wedding isn't it?

  3. Ahhh....what a lovely couple. I love a wedding so I was looking closely at all your gorgeous decoration...and as for all the dancing, isn't that what a wedding's for :) x

  4. Very best wishes to them! It looks like a very lovely party


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