Friday, February 7, 2014


Outside my window: Frigid---still---snow flurries, but not amounting to anything.

I am thinking: About all the of the things I'd like to get accomplished this weekend. Most of it fun.

I am thankful for: Leftovers in the refrigerator.

From the kitchen: I cooked last night for the first time in weeks---since I've/we've been traveling. You can hardly call it cooking when I pulled one of my freezer meals out of the freezer. I just added new potatoes and frozen broccoli. Pretty easy.

I am wearing: Just settled in to my jammies for the evening.

I am hoping: That all of this walking on my treadmill pays off. So far so good. I don't want to share because I don't want to jinx myself! 

I am reading: A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell (author of The Sparrow; Children of God---which were excellent). I'm having a bit of a hard time getting in to it. I need to spend at least a solid hour devoted to it. I did finish another book recently---Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter. It was really good, but very sad---about a guy who was blamed as a teen for a murder he did not commit and how it ruined his life. We actually have a case like that in Nashville. Recently they found out who really did it, but unfortunately, it's too late to repair the damage to that teen---now adult.

I am busy creating: I'm finishing up a few things for the wedding. Will share later. Also, on my ski trip last week, I made a few pairs of boot toppers. I used a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern. Both were pretty easy. 

I'm bummed: That I had to return some bras. I managed to pick up nursing bras. Go figure.

I am hearing: ABC Nightly News.

Around the house and garden: In preparation for the rehearsal dinner next Friday night which is going to be here, I've done just a very little Valentine decorating. Since it's going to be February 14th, I thought it was the perfect thing to do.

 I used some vintage valentines from my scrapbook stash. I added a few candles, books, tea cup and an old camera.
The fruit and floral arrangement normally resides on my dining room table. Since I plan to have a fresh arrangement, I moved it to here. I couldn't believe that next to the painting, it looked like it just "fell off"---it seems to match so closely.

In other news: Today, I'm going to see/meet/hear Lady Fiona Canarvon from Highclere Castle (home to Downton Abbey) at our Antique and Garden Show tomorrow. I've gotten a group of my friends together. We'll have lunch at The Southern after. 

BTW---have I mentioned that I'm also hooked on Call the Midwife? OMGosh---I love it. It's also on PBS. Season 3 starts up March 29.

One of my favorite things right now: I can't get enough of fires in the fireplace. This cold weather makes it perfect for just chilling out in front of one.

I appreciate: My bridge partner. We haven't played in 4 weeks---and we came in "first" today.

I regret: That I will not be able to complete my plan of seeing all of the Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture. I get my friends together for Movie Mondays. We've only seen 4 of them so far. We've missed Philomena as it's already gone. Movies come and go so fast. This week, we saw Her. We all agreed that it was pretty weird---certainly NOT best picture material. Twelve Years a Slave was fabulous and definitely worth best picture. We loved Gravity, but not for best pic. It's just a shame that pictures that were showing much earlier in the year don't get nominated. The Butler should have been on the list.

How the weekend is shaping up: The "kids" are coming over for happy hour and dinner tonight. After that, I plan to hang out in my scrapbook room quite a bit over the weekend. And I really need to devote some time to my book. Can't wait.

I hope you have a great weekend too. Do something just for yourself!


  1. What a pretty display - it does match the painting so nicely. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend. We are expecting more snow flurries (& ice) here later today, so we're planning a weekend at home.

    I tried the Southwestern Chicken Chili recipe you posted a while back yesterday. It was so easy to throw it all in the crock pot & we both thought it was yummy!! We'll be enjoying the leftovers this evening.


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