Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Antique and Garden Show

I used to go to the Antique and Garden show all the time with my friend, Sally. I hadn't gone in many years. This year, the key note speaker was Lady Carnarvon from Highclere Castle---home of Downton Abbey.

Our first shock came when we parked---$25.00!!! Holy.......! Are you kidding me? Now you know why I miss my "parking perks!" I was spoiled for too many years.

We got there a little before ten so we could browse the show floor before the key note address at 11:30. It was enough time.
 This spring table was so beautiful. I loved all the soft colors together. Purple is not my favorite, but it is perfect in this arrangement.
 This table was more like a dream---set next to a water fountain. As beautiful as it is, it would make me have to go to the bathroom at least a half dozen times during dinner!
 I really didn't care for this arbor. I know the whole idea is about recycling, but an arbor made out of green plastic cups seems too un-natural for me.
 There were many gorgeous arrangements available for sale. There were a few I would have been interested in if it hadn't been so cold out. Any flowers would have frozen in the car.
 I love the idea of a fresh arrangement in a chandelier, but I think it would be tedious to have to make it all the time.
 I thought this was a clever idea---planting bulbs in old tins.
 I really, really liked---in fact this was my favorite idea---the flowers in the old paint cans. Who would have thought to save old paint cans until they were rusty?
This was an outdoor gazebo. I love the crystal chandelier---although totally impractical. You'd have to clean it every time you wanted to use it.
 These plant stands are pretty neat. I gave Butch a large one for Christmas that I got in St. Louis. You simply thread pots on to it. They show them as centerpieces too.

This was a cute vignette made in the back of on old car---I think it's what was called the "boot" or rumpus seat. I don't really know for sure, but it was really cool.

After browsing the floor, we made our way down to the lecture hall. I could have listened to Lady Carnarvon talk all day---that English accent---you know. She made a comment about our southern accents (well not me---mine is mid-west). She told us all about the history of Hghclere Castle---most of which I'd already seen on the documentary. She talked about her books. Then she also talked about Downton Abbey. The most interesting thing she said about that was that the actresses---including Maggie Smith (at her age) have to be corseted for more than 13 hours a day in order to get 5 1/2 minutes of film!

After her talk, she opened it up for questions. It's hard to believe, but she said the castle does NOT have wifi!! They even have a hard time getting a television to work. She said that on more than one occasion, when they've had weekend guests and they want to watch Downton Abbey, she has to scramble to find a tv that works!

There was only thing she said that we couldn't understand---nor find the answer via google.
Lady Carnarvon, was asked about her and her husband's hobbies, she said he liked "tarmacking." We have no idea what that is. Anyone???

Afterwards, we had lunch at The Southern. As the name implies, it's great southern food. There were 6 of us and only Karolyn and I had been there before. It was delish!


  1. Tarmacking, We call the asphalt that goes on roads tarmac - short for Tarmacadam. MacAdam was the name of the man who invented a particular type of road surface that used stones of a certain size held together with pitch or tar. So if the present Lord Carnarvon - or Caernarfon as it is said in Welsh - has tarmacking as his hobby then she was probably being ironic and making a joke because he has has pathways or roads put onto the estate. Hope this helps

  2. Hi Barb, Just found your blog and love it! The British also have motorsport racing on asphalt called Tarmacadam. It is possible Lady C and the Lord do a bit of rally racing??? Just a thought. Happy and blessed thoughts to you and Butch at the wedding

  3. Yep, I think that first answer is right - I think was rolling her eyes as she said it and implying that keeping the roads on the estate in good order was a never ending job

  4. Ah! a sense of humour particular to the british! Love it. What an interesting post, I love picture two, the reflections and the fountains are beautiful.

  5. Yeah I think she was being ironic just as I say I have a fascination with drains ;)


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