Saturday, January 4, 2014

Work Trip Day 2

I was so overwhelmed yesterday with everything that needed to be done. There's still a lot to do, but I'm feeling better realizing that we will, indeed, get it all finished.

Last night I got most of the cleaning chores done. At one point---as I was having Butch reaching in to the far corners under the sink, he asked, "Barb, are you trying to kill me?"---just because I told him to wipe off the top of the very dusty fire extinguisher! I can't help it. I get obsessive. I just like knowing that everything is starting out from a very, very clean and shiny start.

Along with that thought process, I've made some rather nice discoveries. The cleaning people we've hired have done a GREAT job! Many of the things I expected to be really filthy, weren't. Like this:
When you dump everything out, you expect it to be dirty inside. It wasn't. I washed it anyway. That's just how I am.

We pay for what they call "premium" service. We get 3 hours of cleaning here---which, seriously I didn't believe. It's a small place. What can they possibly do for 3 hours. Butch has been here when our "girl" was here. She steam cleans the tile floors every time. I've never even heard of doing that, but it sounds good to me. The top of the refrigerator and shelves were dust free. The light fixtures were good too---even though we took them down and washed them anyway.

Butch made a new best friend:
He's never had to do any major cleaning at home, so was unaware of this miracle product. There were rust spots on the bathroom walls where the former owners had some metal fish. The magic eraser took it right off!
First up today---deal with mattresses---vacuuming and turning; carpet cleaning; moving the furniture; re-arranging and hanging pictures.

Oh My Gosh! Enough with the cleaning already. I'm even driving myself NUTS!!

Tomorrow will be the big "reveal!"


  1. When you are done can you come to my house? I'm a surface cleaner. That deep cleaning stuff just isn't my forte, but I'm sure this house could use it!

  2. Great job - looking forward to the reveal. Wookie is the best deep cleaner - I'm good at organising and directing but he is always willing to go further than I would in cleaning.


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