Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cruisin' with Paula AND Mitchell

Okay, so I'm misleading you a bit with this title. I AM cruisin' with Paula. We had our first "event" last night---a little cocktail reception. All of the pictures I took are bad. I'll get better ones today at our first cooking demonstration.

In the meantime, Sandy shared these pictures and commentary about Mitchell and "his" car that used to be his grandpa's.
Here's the exposed speaker (the covers don't fit over the new speakers) and apparently the light cover has fallen off.  It's probably in the glove compartment!
Dad, I just want you to know how much we have appreciated (and still do) having this car!  It has turned out to be the perfect thing for Mitchell, and he really does love it!  
This stick is kept in the car and used to hold up the hood and the trunk because the hinges have worn out.  And notice his blanket...kept in at all times in case of an emergency.  He usually has clothes and deodorant in his car because he works out at the Y with friends after school.
This is his emergency kit that he keeps in the trunk complete with a bag of potato chips in case he needs food too!
The car may be old and falling apart (cosmetically speaking) but Mitchell really likes it and we are glad for him to have his own "wheels"!  He got pulled over last Saturday night coming home from debate because his tag light is burned out.  Thank goodness no ticket!  Greg bought him a new light but the screws are rusted so bad that he can't get them off to change the bulb. Greg's going to have to solve that problem!  Oh, and the driver's side window doesn't roll down (nor does the back passenger one either) so Mitchell had to roll down the driver's side back window when talking to the cop.  He just told us this so we'll have to get those fixed.  

I don't remember how old this car is---I think it's a 2000---but it still looks pretty good---considering it's weathered at least 6 Michigan winters and all that salt. I would have thought it would have started to rust out. Butch is proud of Mitchell---a boy after his own heart---as he cleans out his car regularly. He gets so frustrated with the girls and their cavalier attitude about their cars. I told him that I think it must be a "guy" thing. Way to go Mitchell.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have a little more to report from the "boat."

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  1. It must be a guy thing. My husbands car is spotless...mine not so. Bet Mitchel is glad of those wheels x


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