Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's Happenin'?

Outside my window: Considering the bone-chilling cold of the past week, we got up to 50 yesterday---more of the same today, but rain.

I am thinking: Of all I need to do this weekend in preparation for the next 3 weeks of travel.

I am thankful for: Another birthday. 

From the kitchen: I'm still trying new recipes and will share soon.

I am wearing: Jammies and a smile.

I am hoping: To get the piles of photos in my scrapbook room put away while I still remember why they are sorted the way they are.

I am reading: The Secret Daughter of the Tsar. I'll finish it this week. This is one of our book club books. So far, it's pretty good but others have said it turns out to be a little trite. We'll see.

I am busy creating: I've actually finished a couple of projects that I can't share just yet. Soon. 

I have a really good idea for my Christmas ornaments for next year. I make a different one each year and decorate my little tree in the entry with them. Then, when I have my many little parties, I let everyone pick an ornament to take home. I'm kind of excited to get started on these. A little more time, please!

I'm bummed: That we have been victims of the "Target credit card theft." I got a call from Delta airlines on Thursday morning that a one-way ticket had been purchased from Hawaii to Los Angeles---$1500. Had to cancel the card and deal with all of that. Not fun---especially since I used that card for all "auto" and online payments. Bummer. I just hope the police were waiting at the airport to pick up the thief. Doesn't that seem like the way to "catch" these criminals? 

Another thing---while I'm on this rant. How is it that someone can use your card without much information. Whenever I am using my own card, half the time, I get messages like the user name doesn't match, the password is not correct/contain the required number, character, letter---yet a thief has no trouble? Makes no sense to me.

I am hearing: My Pandora radio.

Around the house and garden: My cleaning frenzy has slowed down. I still want to get in to the laundry room and do thorough clean out. Maybe tomorrow.

In other news: Mindy has given me a nice birthday present. She's going to Mass with me once a month for the year. I was really happy about that. I hate to say it, but St. Cecilia Academy and the nuns, pretty much killed religion for her. Hopefully, this year will bring a little of it back for her. More than anything, it's most likely laziness rather than disbelief.

One of my favorite things right now: Still this:
Since today is my birthday, I still might be getting my treadmill desk. Not holding my breath. I did not see any huge boxes delivered this week.

I appreciate: Connie for my wonderful lobster dinner last night at Sperry's. It was sooo delicious. Sperry's has become one of my most favorite places---fabulous food and just nice enough to not cost an arm an a leg. I also appreciate Joanie. She's doing my hair this morning and boy, do I need it!

I regret: that I put off planning our New York trip. I wanted to get that done before leaving town this week. I really need to get those theater tickets booked.

How the weekend is shaping up: Mindy is coming over to stitch and watch football with me this afternoon. Dinner at the club after Mass tonight. My official birthday dinner will be next Friday night when Steph and Nicky can be here before I leave on my Paula Deen cruise with Chris, my SIL. 

That's about it---I hope you have a good one!


  1. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, and hoping that you get those trips planned ... And that your birthday 'do' is lovely :).

  2. Happy happy birthday Barbara!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    I like the Christmas ornament idea as gifts for guests during the holiday season!

    I actually started my cleaning frenzy this week with the laundry room! LOL

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


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