Thursday, January 2, 2014

And the Cleaning Continues

Cleaning out the pantry was the last "big" chore on my list (well, except for my scrapbook room). I always clean it out right after Christmas. It really wasn't all that bad and only took me about a half hour.
 It's when the floor starts getting all cluttered that I know it's time to clean out.
The bags were out of control.
 On this side, we have a shopping bag that holds our recyclable paper.
I was able to get rid of 4 lunch bags. I don't even know where they came from. I never take a lunch anywhere.

And then there was this:
I saw this little dish set at the grocery store. They look like play dishes---little plastic bowls, plates, forks an spoons. They are about 2 inches and supposed to be used for "tastings." I'm not sure what we're going to "taste" with them, but I did use them to hold the cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. So. Darn. Cute. I'm feeling the need  to "taste" something.
 All done and looking good.
Uh oh, do you see that leftover Christmas candy in the pink basket? I don't know how that got by the grands!
 Elizabeth gave her grandpa this nut dispenser for Christmas. He loves nuts, so it was the perfect gift.

And the cleaning the beach!

We flew down this morning (Thursday---it will be Friday by the time I post this). This is the first time I've been here since we bought it last July. This is totally a working trip. I'm cleaning every nook and cranny, vacuuming mattresses and turning them, removing and washing everything on the walls, cleaning all the light fixtures, furniture, replacing all bedding and linens and washing everything that's not nailed down.

As soon as we arrived, I started saying things like: "This goes, this goes, get rid of this..." Butch was starting to "wig out." I sent him over the edge when I said we were buying a new broom and dustpan. I just don't want other people's old junk---unless I'm at an antique store and am choosing what I want.

He and I are complete opposites---and that's exactly why it works. He's frugal---I'm the spendthrift---but not when we didn't have the money! We both lose patience with each other. I want it right now where he'd rather shop around and think about it. We had a few tense moments. Then I realized I needed food! I'm always crabby when I'm hungry.

After lunch, we shopped fairly pleasantly together. We stopped and bought bread, cheese, grapes and salami for our picnic dinner. Then, when I said I was so thirsty, he parked the car and got me a water bottle out of the trunk. I love that guy!!

Once back, we had a glass of wine before starting the work. We sat on the patio and watched a beautiful sunset. This picture doesn't really do it justice.

 Now to be honest, that sitting was really only about 5 minutes. I can't sit when there's work to be done. t started in on the cleaning. Nothing is spared. If it can't hold up to my "baths" then so be it.
These rocks came from a candle tray. To say they were nasty is an understatement. They cleaned up just fine.
It wasn't too long after this that I broke the law.
I cut the tags off.

Oh, and l logged 11,589 steps today! It's amazing how many steps you have when you never sit down. I'm tellin' ya' ---that treadmill desk was made for ME!!

Tomorrow I'll share before and after pictures. But in the meantime---another mystery. Notice those square pictures above? How did I do that?


  1. Ha! "nasty" is one of TSO's favourite words - and as she recently described the state of our pantry as, yes, "nasty" I shall take my cue from you and make a start...

  2. Oooohhh - such a rebel you are - cutting off the tags! I had to laugh at that comment. Hubby and I are a lot like you guys when it comes to shopping. He has to shop around and think about it and mull it over and second guess his decisions - I just buy what I want when I see it and call it done! And yes, isn't it amazing how many steps you can get cleaning up? I did really well on the 1st with the process of removing all traces of Christmas from the house. Not so great yesterday since I am back at work with my butt parked in front of the computer.

  3. I wash my candle stones too - we still have lots of left over candy, but then we're all being fairly restrained. :) Hope you get to sit and enjoy that view too.

  4. Great job on all that cleaning - I'm getting started on my first room (the laundry room!) tomorrow & will be working my way through the house over the next few months.

  5. it's good to start the new year with a mammoth cleaning spree. It makes me feel so much better. Loving the beach home x


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