Friday, September 20, 2013

Italian Observations and Things I Learned

*I was surprised at how many men carry "man purses." Even the police!! I would love to have a peek inside. In fact, I would love this white leather one for myself. I must have taken 50 pictures to get this good one. Each time I tried, the "cop" either moved, or a car blocked my photo. Perhaps the bigger problem could have been the wine.

*Spaghetti with meatballs, fettucine alfredo and manicotti are NOT Italian dishes. Seems we Americans make up our own "genuine" Italian dishes.

*Italians believe in really clean silverware. You will not find any water spots or crud. It's all perfectly shiny---for a germaphobe, that's HUGE!
*Italians are so considerate. Their sinks have a little slot to hold your cigarette! I was tempted to buy a pack just to try it out.

*Just about everybody smokes. There is no such thing as non-smoking areas. I wonder what their cancer rate is. That's why I decided to pass on that purchase.

*Some men, no matter what their age, never want to "give it up." They continue to wear "muscle shirts" even when their muscles have turned to flab. Really, guys, not attractive.

*Just like in the US, everyone seems to be on their cell phones---but the Italians are really "in" to the bluetooth. Sometimes, we'd be driving along and all of a sudden, our driver would just start talking. Then we'd realize he was on the phone. We had one driver whose ring tone (or text tone) was loose change falling on the street. Butch said he never heard it. Now that's a surprise. He's usually really tuned in to anything having to do with money!
*There is so much to love about Italy. You never know where you will come across a little surprise---just about around every corner. Notice the lemon tree underneath.

*Italians are proud of their food. They have it on display everywhere. You can gain weight just by looking at it.

*Italians are definitely "touchers." And can be spitters too when they talk too close.

*If you can see your thong beneath your white pants, it's not really attractive. Nor does it seem comfortable. I know, everyone says they are---but I don't believe it. I'd have to keep picking at it.

*Our son-in-law's name is Greco. I learned that it stands for Greek. Doesn't Nick the Greek sound like a mafia name? Or a gambler?

*I learned that I love traveling with my personal photographer. I have a hard enough time, walking, listening to a guide, watching where I'm going AND taking photos. Butch took over the camera and was more than willing to let me "boss" him around---"get this shot, no, not that, this, etc." He did a really good job too!

And that just about wraps up our Italy trip.

An observation I made when we got home:
You just never know what goes on around here when we're gone.
 We left the refrigerator like this---completely devoid of food.
We came home to this. I guess the party--ers ran out of vodka before they ran out of orange juice.

I might have to install hidden cameras.


  1. I like your observations about Italy but your fridge shots have me smiling...

  2. Very interesting to hear how you found the Italian corner of Europe - hope you get your fridge refilled to your satisfaction soon!

  3. You're right about everyone smoking....even the policemen walk around smoking!! And apparently their cancer rate is much lower than you might expect it to be....must be their diet.I truly believe that Italian food is the best in the world.

  4. I loved reading your observations: as soon as I saw the title, I thought - this will be good..

    Your fridge shots have me smiling too- I'm noticing the difference here since one of our number left the country..

  5. Your observations made me smile and I like the idea of traveling with my own personal photographer!


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