Saturday, September 21, 2013

Award Winners

Connie, Mindy and I entered some of our needlework in the County Fair and then the State Fair. We ALL won something!
Connie won 1st and 2nd at the County Fair for her bolster pillows. She won 1st at the State Fair for the blue and yellow one. This pattern was called "Queen Anne."
Mindy placed 3rd in the County Fair for her bangle bracelet. There wasn't a category for her to enter in the State Fair.
My ice skate ornaments placed 3rd in the County Fair and 1st in the State Fair. You can't tell from this picture, but these are 3 dimensional---with suede backs and tongue. The inside of each skate has a coordinating pattern. 
The County Fair paid money. We won't get rich at $6.00 for 3rd, but it's something. We didn't get any money for the State Fair---I'm not sure why. I guess they don't give out money at the State Fair.
This is the most recent thing I've finished. I entered it, but didn't win. The critique on it was that I had several twisted stitches. I'm surprised they really inspect it that closely.

It seemed way to easy to win. We're going to enter again next year. Maybe we'll win enough to go out to dinner!


  1. Well done to you all....I love the skates.

  2. congratulations, I love those skates.

  3. Congratulations!Interesting that they did inspect closely enough to notice twisted stitches. Makes the other wins mean more doesn't it?

  4. Love the skates, Grainne and Aoife were looking at them now there santa crazy....
    Hope you had a great holiday, who knows maybe you will make it to Ireland some time

  5. Congratulations all round You are a talented lot!


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