Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 4---The Amalfi Coast, Positano and Amalfi

Today our driver, Max---the same one from yesterday---picked us up at 9 a.m. for our drive down the Amalfi Coast. He took our picture overlooking the sea and coast. 
The road is very narrow and the traffic moves fast. I sat up front to make sure I didn't have a problem with motion sickness. I didn't.

Our first stop was Positano.
Here's just one of the pictures of the town built into the side of the mountain. We can't figure out why people would have wanted to do this in the first place. You have to reach your house by hundreds of steps. There are cute shops all around. We spent some time browsing and I picked up a few gifts.

I took 95 photos today, but have really narrowed it down for you. I really need to get to my photo editing or I'll have 1000 pictures when I get home. You know I like to order my pictures before getting home so I can pick them up right away. May not happen this trip. We've been busy all the time.
I told our driver first thing this morning that I was looking to buy ceramics in Positano since that's what they are known for (and linen clothing---I didn't buy any, but they were awesome). He told me that the ceramics would be too expensive there and that he'd take me to a ceramic factory (he ended up taking us to two). I love all of these family owned businesses. They had the most incredible stuff. You cannot take photos inside because the artists don't want anyone ripping off their designs. This picture is from outside on the grounds. So pretty. I bought a gorgeous platter that they are shipping home for me. It should be there about the time I get back. I didn't think to take a picture, but will when I get home.

Let me say now that I've pretty much spent all the money I had planned for souvenirs and I'm not even half way through the trip. I guess I'll have to allow myself a bit more!! I've bought a few things for gifts, but mostly for myself. It's just more fun buying original art straight from where it's  made! I still regret that I didn't get a silk rug in Turkey. I won't be having "non-buyers" remorse anymore!
These are more pictures all along the coast---so gorgeous---each place prettier than the last.

Most of these pictures are from the town of Amalfi taken before we actually got there.
Strolling towards the town square. Colorful buildings and shops everywhere.
Another shot of Amalfi. We shared an anchovie, olive and caper pizza and carafe of wine for lunch.

We went to Ristorante Bagnai Delfone for dinner. It was only a mile and a half from out hotel, but due to all the steps---and my two glasses of wine before leaving---we decided to take a taxi. OMGosh! We were shocked. It cost 23 Euros one way!!! Our whole dinner was only 58 Euros. It almost cost us more for the cab than our meal---and for 3 miles! To put it in perspective, a Euro equals $1.42.
We shared everything. We started with fried anchovies. I said, we have to try things we've never had before. Since we like anchovies, we thought this sounded good. They were delicious---but didn't taste anything like anchovies. They tasted exactly like any other fried fish. We also had a caprese salad---my first in Italy. Usually, I have it every day.
Then we shared the spaghetti with mussels and clams. This is only half of the portion---I forgot to take the picture before we started dividing it. It was so good.
Then Butch bought me two roses from a guy walking around the restaurant. He can surprise me even after 42 years of marriage. Actually, we couldn't get the guy to go away so Butch gave in. Romantic devil!
When we were leaving, they gave us each a blessed holy Mary medal. I was so surprised by that. The lady was explaining about how it would give us good luck. I told her that we're hoping to meet the pope next week, so we'll see if it works!! I tucked it in the bag with my rosary I carry in my purse. What a sweet gesture. I wonder how the non-Catholic patrons feel about Her!

Tomorrow we take a boat to the Isle of Capri for a couple of days. Next report from there. I can't wait to give you my list of Italian observations. I'm going to wait until the end of the trip.

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  1. You are making me want to be there too! It's such a beautiful place


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