Monday, September 2, 2013

A Professional Woman

That would be Stephanie. She's a smart, articulate, creative, hard-working, forward thinking and  ambitious woman. 

After over a week of secrecy, the company broke the news that she is leaving on Friday. They allowed her to talk to her team right after because she knew that it would be a shock to them. As it turned out, it wasn't such a shock after all. One of her friends guessed that she was "looking". Steph asked her how she knew. She said, "Because you wore your "interview shoes" a couple of times." 

Now Steph's company was pretty lax with the dress code. Still, Stephanie (and Mindy for that matter) always dress professionally. After all, they represent their company. In general, my girls have always liked to dress up. So it wasn't a surprise that Steph would be dressed up at work---the usual dead give-away that someone is looking for a new job. Turns out when she went on the interviews, she wore closed toe shoes. It was the shoes that gave her away! Pretty observant if you ask me!
I think Connie said it best, "You are supposed to dress for the position you want rather than the position you have" or something like that---I didn't write it down. But, it made perfect sense.

I took Stephanie and Mindy shopping on Saturday. Our goal was to get Steph a new work wardrobe---new job, new clothes (and shoes). Of course Mindy had to have a few things too. Then Jordan got in on the act---she needed a black dress, black slacks and a couple of blouses for her speech class at UT. And lest you think I left Sandy out---while there in May, I took her shopping picked up some new things. I don't do it very often (except I usually take the grandkids shopping once a year) so it was a lot of fun. When I turn the household bills over to Butch (which I'm seriously thinking about doing) it's things like this that will be a little extravagant to explain! Maybe I better re-think that!

There were Labor Day sales all over so it was a perfect time to shop. We started at Macy's and found several cute dresses and shoes. Next we went to New York & Co. They have the best sales---ALL the time. The clothes are pretty cheap and you can always find cute stuff. This jacket works with several of the dresses and go perfect with her tan and black new shoes.
It looks like leather, but it's some sort of soft synthetic. It is so cute and flattering. They had many styles and colors. Regularly $90.00---a steal at half price! I just love it on her, so cute.

We're so proud of her and wish her the best in her new position---"Education Manager." I want her to take a picture of herself on her first day---sort like the first day of school pictures. But, even though she has so many positive qualities, being ready early is not one of them. She may not have time on her first day. I can hope. If I were going to be in town, I'd make her pancakes.

We love you, Steph!


  1. Thanks, Mom! You and Dad did ok with us girls. And while a shopping spree isn't an every day occurrence, I'm not sure we want to let Dad in on the act! Thanks for everything, & yes, I will get a first day of work picture to share with you. Love you!

  2. Best of luck to her in her position! I'd say noticing the shoes is very observant indeed.

    I always say that buying one thing is fun, but buying two at the same time is about four times the fun. A spree can be so exciting.

  3. Congratulations on the new job. Shopping for work clothes is still fun - especially with company.

  4. congratulations on the new job and I had to smile at the shoes!


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