Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 5----Capri

Today was the day we moved to Capri. A driver picked us up and took us to the pier where we boarded a hydroboat. The trip was just 25 minutes. We were met by another person to get us to our hotel.  This is my first photo of Capri.
We taxied as far as we could go and were dropped off where no cars were allowed to go. Our "guy" told us it was about a 10 minute walk to our hotel. Heck no! It was at least 20 minutes---steep down hill---fine for now, but we have to walk ALL the way back up when we leave. In fact, you pretty much have to make that trip to do any significant shopping or eating. I guess that's a good thing---I won't be making that hike---thus saving some money!

 Our room wasn't ready so this was a nice place to wait.

 The view from the porch. Everything is just so beautiful. Words cannot describe it.
This is the view from our balcony. I sat out here and did some stitching this afternoon. Very peaceful.

Butch went out to hunt for a geo-cache. He found it---but it was a long trek. We decided to go out for a late lunch and then just stay in this evening. We shared a calzone and a nicoise salad with a glass of wine. Things are really expensive here. That lunch was 38 Euros (about $54.00). Actually, it's been expensive everywhere. Even when we go to the places where the locals eat, it's expensive. Restaurant eating must just be way cheaper in the US.

After lunch, Butch set out to explore and find us some water and wine to have in our room. I headed in the other direction to a garden near our hotel. It was so pretty. The garden was simply landscaped---it was really more a backdrop for the breathtaking views in every direction.

I spent about an hour in this garden, just people watching and trying to cool off a bit before heading back to the hotel.

We've made some plans for tomorrow and are just taking it easy tonight. The internet is incredibly slow, so I'm lucky to have the photos uploaded that I do. I get frustrated too easily. I was hoping to get caught up on my blog reading, but they are so slow to load and the pictures don't load at all. I'd rather wait until I can see what the posts are about.

Maybe I need to tackle some of that photo editing. Walgreens just came through with a "deal."

Until tomorrow.


  1. Now you know just how lucky you are in America. Everything is expensive in Europe.

  2. I've just had a lovely stroll through your photos & feel like I've been on a nice tour, too! TFS

  3. I'm enjoying the photos and thinking about Capri - as it is currently POURING with rain here in London they are doubly welcome :)

  4. Hello Barbara I have had the most wonderful trip with you today via your amazing photos. Thank you so much I would really love to see those views for myself. You descriptions are better than any travel guide. Can't wait for tomorrow.


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