Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 9---Rome

And this is where the blogging of my trip ends. We do not have internet in our room. You can only get it with some sort of cord connection that will not hook up to our MacBook Airs. Soooo, that means we have to go down in the lobby.

We are going to be so busy with our scheduled events from now through Sunday, that I don't really see any time I'm going to be able to take the time to blog. I hate that as my blog provides my journaling for my trips. Oh well. We go home on Monday, so Tuesday may be the first time I get back here.

All I can say is "arrivederci."


  1. I'm sure you'll love is a totally amazing city.

  2. I've been catching up with your holiday posts. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy the remaining time left xx

  3. Write your posts anyhow - then you'll have your journaling and can share it with us once you are home :) Have a great time - I've always wanted to visit Rome.

  4. Hoping it was a wonderful experience in Rome and that you are safely home.

  5. OOOOH! Have a wonderful time! It will be a fire-wire cable and that is the only reason that I won't buy an Air and stay with my trusty MacBook :) Not having that port is a pain when traveling :)

    I am way behind on my blog reading and shall be scrolling back through your blog but I don't have the time to comment on everything :)


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