Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few Little Things

The weekend end was really a lot of fun. After our shopping trip on Saturday, Mindy and I saw 1D (One Direction) in 3D. OMGosh! It was so good. Those boys are so darling---and the accents! I'm not being creepy---I could be their grandmother! Love them and their music. Great docu-movie.
So cute! They seem to be such nice boys. I hope they stay that way. In the end, they all seem to go off the deep end---ahem---Miley and Justin...

Actually, I love just about all music. This weekend was definitely a testament to that. So I saw 1D on Saturday, listened to 3 hours of showtunes as I worked on Sunday morning, saw Hank ---a live stage production and a tribute to Hank Williams, Sunday afternoon, and finished the weekend with a 2 hour NPT 60's show hosted by Davy Jones and Peter Noone last night. 

At Hank, they built the bar for the set. It was really awesome. You were allowed to go on stage to buy a drink. I got a bottle of water and these shots:

The bar top was made out of 100's of corks. The bartender said they put a call out for the corks. It took a while to get enough. Really cool.
Oh how I loved Herman's Hermits. I used to "smooch" Peter's face on the album when I was a teen. He's still pretty cute!

While brunching at the Bonefish Grill on Sunday with Connie and Nancy, we were discussing Estee Lauder and the fact that Macy's has the free gift promotion going on right now. They were saying that they don't end up using the freebies. I do---they are great sizes for travel. They said they don't use the bags either. Well, I do---for many things. They make great bags for your poker money. I always carry several when I travel for charging cords or pill bottles. 
Today, I used one for my travel office supplies. I always travel with office supplies. I find that I need highlighters, binder clips, paper clips, pens, empty zip locks, zip drive, screen cleaner and cloth when I travel. Doesn't everyone?

On Monday, Steph and I went to Five Guys for a burger before going to see The Butler. It was so good. I agree with Connie---Oprah and Forrest Whitaker deserve Oscars. There were so many stars---even if they were small appearances. We really enjoyed it. There definitely was a bit of a liberal bias. And, I can't stand Jane Fonda---as far as I'm concerned, she's a traitor. I thought of boycotting the movie because of her, but since I heard it was so good, I just couldn't. And now, she's being celebrated for looking so good at 75. Gag me. She's had tons of cosmetic surgery people!! Really, I see it every week at bridge. You can tell who has had surgery. Their face doesn't match up with the rest of their body. 

Wow, I really digressed there! Anyway, it was a nice way to wrap up the weekend. Steph and I don't usually have one-on-one time. That was nice too. Basically, our family is a pack. And that's how we run.

I'm all set for Italy. I have all of my envelopes ready---one for each day with what's happening, tickets and vouchers inside. At the beginning of each day, I check the envelope for times and where we're supposed to be, grab the tickets and go. 
At the end of the day, I jot notes on the outside about the day---anything important that happened or was said. I put all receipts, stubs and memorabilia in the envelops and move it to the bottom of the stack. When I get home and get my pictures developed, I just have to sort them in to the appropriate envelopes. All ready to scrapbook!

Wishing you all a great week---and a short one at that! 
My next post will be from Italy. See you then!

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  1. That is such a good organization system for your holiday. How clever! You sound like you have had a busy week!


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