Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What a Feelin'!

Things are really crankin' around here now! I'm moving fast and accomplishing a lot. I do really unnecessary types of things when I get like this. I just go a little crazy. I start with lists:
I make a list for all the types of things I want to do---here I have lists for my sister's weekend which starts today. It includes the itinerary, meals and grocery list. Another list is for my St. Louis friends coming next weekend---same info with other scrap related tasks added. Then there's just the regular list---that ongoing one that is always added to. I keep a lot of master lists on my computer, but I find the "crossing items off the lists" to be particularly rewarding. Sometimes I've been known to add an item that I did, just so I could cross it off! The games I play with myself.
 Then I do these types of things that I always want to do, but never really get around to. I asked for this little Atlas for Christmas. My geography skills are severely lacking. Considering we travel a lot, it would be nice to see where we are in the world. I've gone through and marked EVERY place I've ever been. Kind of silly, I know---just a bit obsessive.
As I was doing this I thought I should ask for one of those gigantic wall maps of the world that I could stick push pins in to. But then, I'd have to give up a wall. I don't have a spare one. Hmmm, maybe the back hallway. That could be cool. Okay, next list to start: Christmas List.

 Connie surprised me with this new vase. I love it and had to fill it right away. I have it on the window sill now.
Of course I had to photograph our first harvest of the season! I can just taste those mini blt's!

And then there are the things that I don't have photos for. I cleaned up my office. I had at least an 8" hight stack of papers that needed to be read. I sorted it all out to smaller chunks so that I can actually get to it.

I wrote and printed the AYM handout for the kits. I did my AYM layout for next week. I planned and gathered materials for the September kit.

I sorted a huge pile of photos and memorabilia. Of course a lot of this is due to the fact that I want my scrapbook room to be in some semblance of order since all of the out-of-towners will be sleeping up there.

There's still lots to do, but I'm moving through it at warp speed!!! And that's what 80MG of prednisone will do for you!!

One last thing. I got the layouts posted on the AYM Blog.


  1. I just love the looks wonderful.
    I'm a fanatic with lists as well....and also love crossing off items!!

  2. That vase is FAB. I downloaded a (free) list app for my computer and iPhone that sync together a while back. It makes a cool noise and draws a line through my jobs as I check them off. I love it!!!!! I have multiple lists going at once on it. It is called 'Wunderlist' if you want one that you can carry on your phone.


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