Friday, July 12, 2013

Que Pasa??

Outside my window: Still dark---that time of day I love---all quiet.

I am thinking: How happy I am that I've finally caught up on all of my blog reading.

I am thankful for: Predinsone. I've decided I've to stop thinking of it as my enemy when really, it's my savior! Where would I be without it?

From the kitchen: Lovin' all the fresh vegetables at this time of year. Jeanne and Janet are here for our sister's weekend. Last night, we BBQ'd pork steaks, had fresh corn on the cob, lima beans and zucchini. All so delicious.

I am wearing: My comfortable pajamas---remember, it's still dark which means it's still night time.

I am hoping: To finish the handout for one of my AYM classes. Plenty of time. It's up next on my list.

I am reading: Defending Jacob---this one is REALLY good. It grabs you from the start. I don't really want to give anything away, but here's a good little summation: Defending Jacob raises the question: how far would you go to protect your family? But it also leaves you wondering if anyone could answer that question, and whether we really know what we're capable of when push comes to shove.

I am busy creating: This has been a productive week for me. I finished my AYM layout, put together a few classes and am getting ready to work on a little surprise for new friends.

I'm bummed: That my best friend's house was broken in to. They stole ALL of her jewelry---down to the costume stuff. She is happy that she gave here girls a few things a couple of years ago, so at least they have something from her. But I'm sad about her charm bracelet that she's had since she was little. My charm bracelet is one of my favorite things. Then they took the sterling siver flatware (along with a lot of other silver) that her parents started for her when she was a little girl---so we know that was old! It just really ticks me off that people think they can just come along and take stuff from you. We all work hard for what we have---especially the Potters!

I am hearing: Barbra Streisand singing All I Ask of You from Phantom---with the hum of the dishwasher in the background.

Around the house and garden: It's hot---of course, it's July. But Butch has really taken an interest in the garden. He potted some pretty pink petunias yesterday. He said that next year, he's going to handle all the pots. That thrills me! He can do anything he wants and I won't say a word. Yea, I know what you're thinking---"no way can I keep my mouth shut." I'm going to try really hard. If he's doing it, he should get to do whatever he wants. I'm just particular in what I like. Whatever he picks will certainly be better than nothing.

In other news: I've been invited to judge the scrapbook division of the Williamson County Fair. It's so funny, when the woman called me, she said, "now, we cannot pay you, but there will be a small gift involved." That made me laugh. There's not much of anything that I do for monetary gain. Passion is what drives me and feeds my ego!!

One of my favorite things right now: Floating in the pool with my friends on our Friday swim parties. Just hanging out together with a frosty pool drink is the best. Today we go to Nancy's. I always love going out to her house. Such beautiful country. Actually, ALL of Tennessee is beautiful country.

I appreciate: Old buildings. Especially cute ones like this:
A little ole firehouse. I couldn't get a good shot of the sign as I was sitting at the intersection. I guess it's still in operation. My "one little word" for this year is aware and I really am paying attention to what's around me. I'm thinking about adding "an old firehouse" to the photo scavenger hunt for August. Is that cheating because I already have the picture? Since we're playing by my rules, I guess not.

I remember: The days when my girls were little as Jeanne, Janet and I talk about the precious babies in the family. I miss my babies.

I regret: That I haven't had time to make my "old people" calls this month. A couple of months ago, I decided that once a month I was going to call my old aunts and uncle---there's really only 3. I'm not a phone person, so this is a big commitment for me. But when I see how happy it makes them to hear from me, it's a small thing. I think I'm going to come up with a few questions  to ask while they are still around to answer them.

How the weekend is shaping up: We have a fun one planned. Tomorrow, we're going to a Vintage Barn Sale at the Rippavilla Plantation. After shopping, we'll have lunch at a cute tea room somewhere. Maybe we'll even have time to tour the plantation.

I guess that just about covers it for now.

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  1. Doing stuff for passion is always the best reason. Your pool parties sound lovely - enjoy your summer weather :)


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