Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas in July

When Jeanne and Janet got here, they came bearing gifts. I looked at them---all puzzled---like---what? Jeanne said to just open them. As I unwrapped each vintage item, I came across this darling little swing frame:
I squealed with delight. Jeanne asked me if I remembered it. I said, "no, I've never laid eyes on it before." That's when she "broke" the news that this was the stuff I purchased in February when we went antiquing---but I didn't have room in the car to get it home. I had completely forgotten. It truly was like Christmas. Check out my "goodies":

 I can never have too many of those child's muffin tins. The bracelets are for Mindy. She loves vintage jewelry and has a knack for wearing it. Another clock for my collection too. I'm getting to be pretty particular about them now. They have to be unusual an under $10.00.
Love the frame, but it's the pink bread box that makes my heart skip a beat! I'm doing some cleaning out in my scrapbook room---and I have a lot to do---but I'm only going to keep my favorite things.

Besides my vintage finds, Jeanne an Janet brought me some of my favorite Italian foods. Janet sent Ronnie for the bread, but he got to the bakery too early. He's not a "go back" kind of a guy, so he went to the grocery store instead. Rather than Italian bread, it's from Vienna. Hmmm, maybe he needs to brush up on his geography!! Still, grateful for the gesture.

Butch is going to be most excited about this---which I haven't even told  him about yet:
There's nothing like St. Louis style pizza---and IMO's is quintessentially the best!! That was a nice surprise. I would never have thought to ask them to bring pizzas!!

Indeed, Christmas, in July!! Ho, ho, ho and merry!


  1. all your vintage finds are gorgeous! X

  2. I like swing frames and that one is pretty. Pizza is a good present :)


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