Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few More Things...

I left a few things out of yesterday's post.
I forgot to mention that the St. Louis girls brought me presents!! I loved all the spices from Viviano's, pasta, dipping oil, Bailey's and Grey Goose. They even found an old package of stamps at a yard sale that they knew I would love. They'll definitely turn up in a kit soon. Also, they gave me gift cards to Michales and Archiver's---which I used today to buy 2 brand new Fiskars punches---hexagons, finally!! As popular as hexagons are right now, I was surprised that there weren't any on the market. Creative Memories had one years back, but it was discontinued long ago. Anyway, you can bet that my class at Wildwood is going to be focused on ways to use hexagons!
Carla made me a card box that she filled with her lovely hand-made cards. I'm set for awhile!

AS IF ALL THIS wasn't enough, now the girls have informed me that I should expect a surprise at the end of the week! How exciting. I guess they had as much fun as I did!!


  1. OOOOOH! A hexagon punch sounds lovely!

  2. Some lovely gifts there....I like the sound of a hexagon punch as well.

  3. Oh how fun. I always like surprises. Haven't used many hexagons, was thinking of cutting some out with the silhouette to have around.


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