Monday, July 15, 2013

A Few Things

Just a reminder about the modified version of the photo scavenger hunt. Your 5 items to find this month  are: a clothesline, a dandelion, a sprinkler, an American flag and a roadside market. I've already received two layouts and will post them all at the end of the month. If you leave a comment, or email me ( I will add you to my direct list.

Remember last year---that show called---"Who Do You Think You Are"---sponsored by I loved it so much and was really upset when it was cancelled. Well, it's back, but on another channel. It debuts on The Learning Channel on July 22. I'm going to set it to tape. I just love anything having to do with genealogy.

I forgot to mention that the big topic of conversation while Jeanne and Janet were here was about peeling tomatoes. We from the midwest, never heard of peeling tomatoes. After 28 years, I've come to take it for granted---my friends (specifically Pam and Nancy) peel their tomatoes. I just figured it's a "southern" thing. Then when Nancy mentioned her "congealed" salad, that opened up a whole new topic. Here in the south, they say "congealed" salad where we in the midwest say "jello" salad. There's something about the word "congealed" that sort of makes it seem a little unsavory---like congealed fat or gravy. Either which way, I like most congealed salads---and peeled tomatoes too!

After Jeanne and Janet left yesterday, I read for awhile. I'm reading a really good book: Defending Jacob. It is so very good! I really don't want to put it down. I napped, worked in my scrapbook room and put together the following layout:
This is for The Scrap Room Survivors Challenge Club. I haven't been able to go in months. When I saw that I could swing it this month, I decided to participate. On this layout, I masked and misted. I added hand-stitched "chicken feet" with brown jute. I love that chicken paper and was happy to have an opportunity to use it. It's also in an upcoming kit.
Mindy took Jordan to a concert---"Lil Wayne" this week. They had a lot of fun on their one-on-one date. They were able to walk to the venue since it's right downtown near Mindy's condo. 
Speaking of concerts, Victoria and Elizabeth attended their first one in Charlotte. They saw Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush. Sandy said they probably indulged the kids a little too much---letting them get two tee-shirts each---they had to have one of each. Of course there were no shirts that combined both headliners.
 Victoria is sporting her new Ray Bans that she got for her birthday in June. Her first!!
Mindy impressed us all yesterday with her little trivia. She posted on Facebook: "Rocking a King Louis XIV necklace for Bastille day. I don't know what makes me proudest about that: the fact that I know who King Louis XIV is, the fact that I know when/what Bastille Day is, or the fact that I was able to appropriately accessorize for another country's holiday." She always makes us laugh!

The productivity continues today. I updated my Gypsy, registered 4 cartridges and updated my image chart. I put together a little treat for my St. Louis friends coming this weekend and have just about finished my June Project Life layout. I had to print a couple of pictures and do the journaling. Almost done.

I've planned Jordan's "kick-off" to college party and ordered invitations. She's going to be surprised at what I have planned. 

Anybody watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" This is one of my favorite shows. If you've never seen it, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I'm sure you'll see why I love it. Each number is like a little Broadway play. I wanted to post a link, but for whatever reason, the audio on You Tube was not working. Maybe another time.

I am eagerly anticipating the birth of the Royal Baby!  I just can't wait. So for all of my friends from the UK---be sure to let me know!!! I know we should get the news pretty fast, but I want to feel like I'm "in the loop!"

I guess that's about "it" for now. 
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  1. That's a lovely round-up of family news and photos :). I am with you on the 'congealed' - it has an unsavoury ring to it over here too. Clever work on the chicken's feet! Your week sounds full and active and busy :).

  2. On no, congealed is definitely not good for me either. You do such a great round up of your days. I love the little story of the necklace.


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