Saturday, July 20, 2013


Outside my window: Dawn is breaking!

I am thinking: in what order I want to work with the St. Louis girls today. So much to do, so little time. I have a plan. Always do.

I am thankful for: tea drinkers. My new friends are tea drinkers too. They are in for a treat today as I share my tea from Twinings and Harrods that I brought back from London. I don't share this with just anyone!

From the kitchen: I have a few meal prep jobs to get ready for the pool party. I'm making BBC's for the pool and a Southwestern Chicken Salad* for lunch. For dessert----what would be more Nashville than Christie Cookies? Butch works with the CEO, so he brings home a batch after every meeting.
I am wearing: work clothes---casual and comfy, slippers.

I am hoping: to finish this post before my friends get up.

I am reading: Defending Jacob---it is really soooo good, I've just not had as much reading time as I'd like. I'll finish it this week for sure. So many moral dilemmas. It would make an excellent book club book---lots to discuss.

I am busy creating: creatively, I've done a lot this week. I plan to show my photography scavenger hunt layout at AYM today to give people an idea of how I've decided to approach it. Right now, it's still a little fuzzy in people's mind as to how they can incorporate it in to their scrapbooking.

Also, I made each of the girls a little treat to take home and put in their scrapbook rooms:
Just a little collage with their initials and a fun quote hanging from vintage French lingerie hangers. It's hard to tell, but these are small---about 5x7.

I'm bummed: that we haven't seen our little mystery turtle in quite some time. I hope that doesn't mean he's disappeared as mysteriously as he appeared. Maybe he was never there at all? 

I am hearing: Pandora---love that---Seventy Six Trombones from Music Man.

Around the house and garden: I have not strolled through the garden this week---although I did cut some fresh flowers for my guests.

I did a little more sorting in my scrapbook room too. I'll do an entire post about my room soon.

 I did get this picture printed and framed for my little swing frame. 
This was that picture I found of my mom that I had never seen before. She's so pretty in this that I'm surprised she never had it out.

In other news: I have a big weekend planned for my new friends. We're doing "Nashville" stuff today. Tomorrow we're going to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Murfreesboro for a little (or a lot) scrapbook shopping.

One of my favorite things right now: continues to be my early morning blog reading and blog posting. But really, I NEED to get back on that treadmill. I'm such a creature of habit. I'll have to come up with a new plan. Too bad I can't read my blogs on the tread mill. Hmmm, maybe I need an iPad after all! No, stop me---I do NOT need another Apple device---even if it syncs with everything else and is so completely awesome that I don't think I can live without it for one more day---but yes I can!

I appreciate: a husband who is going to take care of "happy hour" this afternoon.

I remember: that I need to get Jordan's "kick-off to college" party invitations in the mail this week. The party's planned. Color scheme: orange (for UT) and blue (for the Lady Vols). That's about the only way I can live with orange!

I forget: how much I love to teach until I'm in the midst of it again. Maybe you can't really call it teaching, but lecturing on ideas and possibilities. I'm full of it for sure!

I regret: that Connie won't be here for the pool party today. I wanted  my friends to meet her. She has grandchildren babysitting duties. 

How the weekend is shaping up: I have a couple of projects planned for the girls. I asked them what they would like to learn or have help with. They said: "organization, embellishing pages and techniques." I've got a few ideas to share with them (and you---later).

I guess that's about it for this week. Enjoy the recipe.

Southwestern Chicken Salad (this is a a recipe that I made up a couple of years ago that has become a big hit.)
Lettuce (any type and amount you need)
Southwestern chicken (I buy the packaged type in the lunch meat section)
1 pt. grape tomatoes (any type are fine)
1 bunch green onions, chopped
avocado (optional)
1 can corn, drained
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can black olives
1/2 cup shredded cheddar
1/2 cup medium salsa
1/2 cup ranch dressing

Mix all together. Serve with crumbled tortilla chips on top. This makes a lot and is so good for being so easy.


  1. Your craft room looks amazing and I love the coat hangers! Hooray for tea drinking!

  2. Oooh now wouldn't I love to spend an hour or two in your craft room. Thanks for the peek into your world. the salad sounds interesting, I might give it a whirl...

  3. I'm reading your latest posts backwards so I know how much of a good time you ended up having.
    P.S. I would buy the i-pad! LOL


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