Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Attitude of Gratitude

November 1st---the beginning of the season of Thanks! I have many small blessings for which I am grateful:

*My vacuum upgrade. Margarita was so happy. I'm not sure exactly what she said, but I could tell by the smile that she was happy. I'm all about making the lives of those that do my work easier! For that I am grateful.

*The "water dripping catch tray" on the front of my refrigerator is kept so clean. Margarita again. For that I am grateful.

*That I DO NOT have to have a new picture for my passport. I think the gal thought I was nuts when I told her that I had gained 60 lbs. since my passport photo had been taken in 2000 and was wondering if I would get arrested. She said a lot of people gain and lose weight. I told her I was just concerned because my facial features are a bit distorted. I've never had anyone question my driver's license, so I guess "pudgy" is still recognizable as me. For that I am grateful.

* iChat, web-chat and those family members who Blog (all two of them---even the one who doesn't update hers very often). Seeing my "loved ones" gets me the fix I need to carry on without any family in town---unless you count Butch---I do get to see him pretty often. For that I am grateful.

*100 calorie packs even if they "cost $3.00 more and you can make your very own with ziplock snack bags for about 10 cents each". I told HIM to "go" for it and I would be perfectly happy. I'm all about giving myself limits and convenience. For that I am grateful.

*Christy, my nail techinician turned decorator who has the best drapery lady---and the lengths they'll go to to make me happy. Sitting here from 10-5 covering buttons (which they had to search high and low for to come up with something that would work) that I had to have for my window treatments because I just couldn't go with medallions and making sure the plaid lined up perfectly. Little did she know that I wouldn't have cared if the plaid lined up (I'll send pictures later---totally awesome). And the best part, she doesn't think I'm difficult. She said she likes that I know exactly what I want! For that I am grateful.

*A new recipe that was fabulous! The only new recipes I make anynore are the ones given to me by family and friends, so this was unusual. I'll share it with you later. It "turned out". For that I am grateful.

*And for all of my wonderful, quirky, family and friends. For that I am grateful.

*Oh, and I must not forget my new Solstice! For that I am grateful!

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  1. It's always nice to remember the little things in life that make us happy!


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