Sunday, October 28, 2007

Car Issues and Lessons Learned

Saturday started off like most---me up at 4:30-5-ish, Butch still in bed. I came down at 8 to put myself together for the day. As I was ready to leave the house at 8:30, Butch informed me that he was taking a load to Goodwill/recycle with MY car. Even though it's MY car, I've never really had a car of my own. MY car has always been the family car. The conversation went like this:
ME: "For crying out loud, you have 4 cars and you have to take mine?"
He: "Which of my cars can hold all that crap? I'm not the one receiving all these boxes filled with styrofoam peanuts!" (I'm sure my ups buddy, Randy, would get a kick out of this conversation--yes, he and I are on a first name basis--he's even on my Christmas list).
ME: "You know it's close to Christmas and we're going to be getting a lot more boxes." (In my mind, I'm thinking of the little girl on Kid Nation that everyone hates---she always says, "DEAL With IT")!

Then I take a different approach.
ME: "I told you last night I was leaving at 8:30. Besides, you don't even ask if you can take my car? Let's be clear about this. From now on, you cannot have my car until after noon on Saturdays. Now I have to drag all that crap around with me. Does it stink?"
He: "NO, it doesn't stink, it's not garbage!"
ME: "Great, if I take the car, then I'll have to drive it all week like that." (He had a tee time set for noon-ish and then the Titan's game today. I could see I was losing this battle.) "Never mind, I'll take your car." (It's automatically understood which car that will be as I am "not allowed" to drive the sports cars, nor do I want to. I'm demoted to the "old man" car in which I can barely see over the dashboard and can't see out of the back at all---and you know I have backing up issues).

Off I go to my nail appointment---the first of many errands I have planned for the day. On the way, it dawns on me that I have to go back home after my appointment to get my car after all as I need it for the plants I planned to purchase--knowing they will not fit in his car. Now I'm mad all over again. When will my car ever be MY car?

I stewed about it for awhile, but it's an effort for me to stay mad. With the way my mind is "going", I have to keep asking myself, "Now why am I supposed to be mad?" But I digress.

When Butch got home from his golf game, I said, "By the way, the Solstice is MINE!" I really am going to take it. I'll let you know how that goes.

The rest of our evening was pleasant enough.

Now on to the tailgate party before the Titan's game today. As we were party-ing, Butch made a simple statement.
He: "By the way, you really shouldn't leave money in clear view in your console. Someone is going to break your window to get to it."
ME: "For crying out loud, (I realize I say that a lot) it's just a couple bucks. Besides, it's a test for your valet parkers".

That diversion tactic led to a little Central Parking bashing.

After the game, we get back to the car and I notice the money is gone. I'm thinking Butch was teaching me a lesson.

ME: "Oh, so you took my money?"
He: "No, I didn't touch it." (He looks all around, very concerned). "But, I did forget to lock the car. See, I told you, you shouldn't leave money in view."
ME: Well, my window didn't get broken now did it?" Chalk one up for me!!

Lessons Learned:
Even if I think I have my own car, I really don't.
And, he's always right even if he's the only one that thinks so!
And, yes, if you leave money in your console, someone will steal it.

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  1. I still think you should enforce the rule with Dad of, 'if you take my car, I get my pick of yours.' That would really get him worked up!


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