Monday, November 19, 2007

I can't have anything nice...

I've been whining that lament since my girls were little. But it really is true. I just got home yesterday after being in St. Louis last week. I was excited to see my newly finished kitchen. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with my window treatments---a bit too much green---the style is awesome. I've already figured out how I want them fixed, so that's okay. Everything else, custom-made rug, chair pads and other accessories were great. Today, I had a repairman here working on my French doors in the kitchen. I didn't realize he would be going in and out and traipsing through the house. We had rain this morning, so the patio was wet. I usually make myself scarce when work is being done, so didn't realize that he was totally messing up my BRAND NEW rug that I've only had for ONE day!!! After he left, I was just sick. Now the side by the door is dingy. I'm hoping that when it dries out, it will be okay. Just my luck.

Oh, and I'VE made a decision (notice the "me" in that statement). We are definitely going to move---I've had it. We got home yesterday to discover another pool leak. My pool man tells me that these problems are just the nature of a 25 year old pool. It's driving me nuts. I just want everything to be fixed and working properly all at the same time for a little while. It's always something!

P. S. Who's the wiseguy that had the dog gifts catalog sent to me?

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