Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts About...

...organizing! I prefer a well organized home. A little over a year ago, I was pretty jealous of Stephanie and Nicky's move. Not only a new house, but the fact that everything was completely organized---all except her scrapbook stuff. It was a further 9 months before we got to that, but luckily, the boxes were stowed away in an empty closet.

In January (when I usually try to organize my own house) we set a date to get the scrapbook stuff organized. We did the entire thing in just a couple hours---which included going through the stuff we didn't have time for before the move. The results:

This closet goes all the way through to the other side. So with this, everything in her new home is perfectly organized. I'm double jealous this year because I still haven't gotten to all the closets and drawers in my own house! There's a lot to do!!

Still, little things do add up. Last week, I tackled my jewelry. I went through everything. I put aside what I plan to get rid of. The whole family will be here this weekend, so I let them know they would have the opportunity to go through what I'm getting rid of. I suggested they might want to do the same. We'll have a jewelry swap! Sounds like a plan.

So, here's what I have set up for myself. I decided that I wanted to sort everything by color---just like many of my scrapbook supplies.
I have this cute little jewelry armoir.
I decided that each drawer would hold a different color of jewels! The way it was before---it looked like a treasure chest full of jewels all mixed up! I couldn't find anything easily.
One drawer hold watches. Many of these need batteries. A couple are really old---and hard to get rid of even though I don't EVER wear them. There's my Gucci that I wore constantly in the 90's---maybe the entire decade. I just don't really wear watches much, but still, I'm reluctant to let them go.
 The top drawer of my chest contains assorted earrings, seasonal jewelry and "fancy" jewelry.
 Coral and orange mixed with aqua and green.
 Charm bracelets and my junk bracelets.
 All of my necklaces.
 Gold, silver, black and white.
Blues--all shades. The little pile in the lower left is exactly one pair of green fake emerald and diamond earrings and a real pearl ring with little emeralds--the only green I own!

Finally, I can see what I have. It's much more accessible. And yes, I do wear most of it. I've gotten rid of what I don't. A lot of it is cheap, costume jewelry. Some of it is "designer" like Kate Spade, Alex and Ani, Juicy, Brighton and Pandora. Some of it is vintage. Some of it is semi precious and a small amount is fine.

I'm all about being able to find things easily. Of all the things I almost don't wear, it would have to be the necklaces. I have a simple diamond that I never take off. As for the other necklaces, I feel like I never have the right blouses or shirts to wear with them. If I haven't worn them within the next year, I'll get rid of them too. I really am trying to simplify. I just want to be able to remember what I have and wear it!

And that's exactly why I want everything organized! Works for me!

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