Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Few Things

Okay, more than a few things---a lot of things! I've just been remiss in posting the "odds n' ends!"

So, I'm a member of this social media site called "Nextdoor." Basically, it's like Facebook for your neighborhood and surrounding areas. People post things like "help wanted", lost dogs, alerts and things for sale. Often, the things for sale are pretty stupid. Like this:
Can you guess what it is? The person selling it wanted $350 for it. I don't know if it sold, but seriously, I doubt it. It's some sort of gigantic paper shredder. Who would want this? Maybe if you were involved in some kind of illegal activity and need to shred sensitive material quickly and hundreds of sheets at a time--but $350? Seriously?
This is a school report that Morgan did for one of her nursing classes. She said that "Walter" was a huge hit. I thought he had something to do with the project, but she just brought him for eye candy.
 Balcony gardening in the middle of downtown Nashville.
 My latest needlepoint---finished and hanging in the "new" kitchen. It didn't photograph well because the frame is chrome---looks like a mirror and reflects everything.
Just a close-up of some of my stitches. I did my own stitch guide this time and am perfectly happy with the results. They wanted $75.00 for a stitch guide. I have a problem with that. I get that it takes a lot of time to design a stitch guide (believe me, I know---I spent plenty of time myself). But, here's the thing that bugs me. Once it's been designed, it's just a matter of making copies. Any other type of needlework has patterns for sale. They are never over about $20.00. I'd totally spend that every time for a stitch guide. Just seems to me that the designer would sell more copies if the price was more reasonable. That's why it's worth it to take classes. The stitch guide is part of the class. Okay, basically, then you are paying the teacher. You pay for it one way or another!

On one of our B&B days, we went to the Rolling Stones exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame downtown.
It was very interesting, but we're not sure it was worth the $35.00 per person senior ticket price. I was excited to go to the new Woolworths for lunch. Basically, they renovated the old Woolworths and turned it in to a restaurant. The cool thing about it is that they have the original lunch counter where young blacks staged a "sit in" that became national news in the 1960's. We ended up not going because I wasn't feeling very good.
From left: Jordan, Stephanie and Morgan at Morgan's birthday celebration. Jordan has since move to California---outside of LA where she will begin her life while continuing her graduate studies. We were laughing that she kept saying, "mom says I need to get a career!" The plan is that she'll "get a career" first and then do an online masters program for the next two years while working. If anybody can do that, this girl can! She's hardworking and dedicated!
If you are local in St. Louis, Chrissy is making florals for your door. She'll be happy to take your order!
I am so excited for the "littles" visit this summer. We're continuing Camp Aunt Barb in Nashville for 2018!
Mindy is always making awesome dinners. This one is meatball stroganoff. She says it was delicious. I guess I'll have to take her word for it because all she does is send me pictures!
I sent home a piece of cheesecake for Justin. He works most weekends when we have pool parties or dinners. I told Mindy that this was for his birthday. He put the candles to really make it seem like his birthday cake!
 My Mother's Day gift from Mindy was a trip to "The Candle Bar" where we made our own candles.

 You choose your container and scent. Then you mix it up.

Afterwards, she took me to Butcher and Bee. It's one of those eclectic places where you just have to take a leap of faith with the food.
 Even thought the food combinations are weird---including things you've never heard of, it was all good. This was the cauliflower steak on a bed of hummus. It was delicious, but didn't take like a steak at all!
 We all went to Richland for dinner on Friday night. Afterwards, we were looking around at the newly decorated club. The ballroom was set up for a Bat Mitzvah. I thought this was a really clever idea for the centerpieces....
...and table favors.
So, we had to take our laptops in to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. We had appointments, but arrived early and hoped they could take us early. Nope. The place is always so busy! This store is huge. I tried to count the workers, but couldn't. There had to be at least 30 working. It's amazing. On the way home, I asked Butch if he found being there as exciting as I did. Makes me feel like I'm part of an exclusive club! For Butch---not so much! He just looked at me when I asked that!

By the time you are reading this, we will be heading to San Francisco for a trip to Yosemite with Water and Chris. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. What a great round up of things! I can't believe you have Woolworths over there - all ours closed down years ago, and I still miss them. They used to sell such a wide variety of things, I guarantee you would never walk out without buying something - and my kids remember the sweet pick'n'mix as being the best ever!

  2. Great post about all of your goings on.
    Candle making would be fun...I used to make them myself, but this is awesome!
    Your needlework is stunning as usual, a lot of work goes into them I know!
    Woolworths.....I loved that store..we haven't had one here for many many years.


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