Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Royal Watch

Well, today's the day!

I toyed with the idea of having a Royal Watch Party. I decided against it for a few reasons:
1. We had poker last night, so I knew I'd have prep work and then clean up to deal with.
2. Stephanie and Mindy didn't seem too keen on the idea.
3. Probably nobody wants to get up too early.

Personally, I have the coverage set to tape. But I had planned to get up at 4 a.m. When I was telling Butch about the idea of a watch party, he said he'd watch it with me. Then he found out about the 4 a.m. thing. I said that I'd wait until 6 a.m. if he wanted to do it.

I was really happy that he wanted to watch it with me. I hadn't planned to "blab" it all over in case he might be a bit embarrassed about it, but I heard him tell his poker buddies that he was going to be watching with me, so I figured it was public knowledge now!

I decided to go all out and have a royal tea party just for us!
I went to the stores---yes, 3 places---to get appropriate "tea" foods. Scones from Publix, Devonshire cream and zucchini bread from Fresh Market and a spinach and cheese quiche from Puffy Muffin. Also, I do not plan to serve the English muffins, but, English is in the name, so that seemed appropriate. I'm not even going to serve the zucchini bread because, well, how much food can two people eat!
 I pulled out my Downton Abbey teapot that I bought in England a few years ago. I also got out the commemorative plate from Kate and William's wedding that I bought on my first trip to England.

 AND---and this is BIG---I'll be serving the commemorative tea blend from Twinings I bought on my first visit. Twinings is a must for me whenever I go to London. In the background you can see my Downton Abbey tea cozy.
 It's the most unusual tea that I own.

It's all about them!! They are so cute together! I hope it lasts forever.
 For the Royal Wedding, it's all about the hats and fascinators. I think we would have fit right in, don't you?
 Even our news personnel have been wearing fascinators all week.

I loved every minute of the wedding coverage. Turns out, Butch---not so much. He never woke up! I gave him a 20 minute notice to the actual ceremony, but he fell back asleep. Oh well, he was about to miss an event of a lifetime! I guess he figures he's already been to the wedding of a lifetime. At least I hope that's it!

PS He did get up just in time!

PSS I'm so happy that my friend, Diane from England is thinking of me today! She sent me these photos!

A beautiful couple! I loved her dress, the simplicity of it. And the tiara is stunning. I've seen several at the Tower of London, but don't recall if this was one of them. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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  1. What a lovely couple and what a lovely wedding. Quite unlike any other Royal weddings that I've seen - I loved the mix of modern and traditional and British and American. I'm just so happy that our typical English weather didn't let them down, Windsor looked glorious in the sunshine!
    Well done on getting up early to watch it - no such problems over here! We are going to an afternoon drinks party at friends a little later on, I have my fascinator ready!


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