Saturday, November 25, 2017

Things I Never Knew

I never knew that the world needed another burrito.

I never knew this thing on the front of a train was called a "cow catcher." And yes, I raised my hand during my needlework class and asked, "What's a cow catcher?" when the teacher was referring to the front of the train on the canvas!

I never knew that Lyft would be anywhere I needed it! When I was in Baltimore and went to visit the Edgar Allen Poe house, it turned out to be in a really bad part of town. When I was finished, I thought I'd have a hard time getting a Lyft. Turns out, I only had to wait 2 minutes! YES---2 minutes! When I got in the car, I asked the guy how it was that he was so close. He said that they can see where most of the Lyft drivers are, so he picked another place where there weren't many. Wow! That makes me happy!
I never knew a tv show could make me cry EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE! I shouldn't be so surprised---after all, I cried on every episode of Lassie as a kid---my siblings never let me live that down. And recently, I just about sobbed all the way through the movie, Wonder---my stomach hurt and I had a headache from trying to hold it all in.

I never knew there was an elevator system like this. We didn't have to wait for an elevator even once! Apparently, it's all computerized and determines the best way to pick up and let people off. Sounds like math to me. And I never knew much about that except the basics!

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  1. I knew about the cow catcher! :) I have Wonder on the list to see, and since I read the book I'm planning to take a few tissues with me.


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