Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mean Girls!

I am not referring to anyone I know! I'm referring to the world premier before it hits Broadway---of Tina Fey's Mean Girls. That was our whole purpose for going to Washington, D.C. this past weekend.

We arrived on Friday afternoon. We checked in to the hotel--J.W. Marriott---which was the perfect location for everything we planned to do. We were 2 blocks from the white house and you could get to the theater through our hotel!

No sooner did we enter our room than we were greeted with this!
 We had a quick, nothing to write home about, lunch. Afterwards, we went to the National Cathedral. Even though it was 43 degrees, it was freezing! It was windy. I think the windchill made it 5 below!
 We didn't spend much time outside--just looked at the garden and took a few quick pictures.

 When we got back, there was time for a quick cocktail before dinner.
Dinner at the Occidental was delicious---and nice ambiance. Plus, it had my minimum requirement for a nice restaurant---a tablecloth!

The next day, we were scheduled for a Segway tour. When we woke up, it was 25 degrees! Given our experience the day before at 42 degrees, we decided there was no way we could do it. I hated that because, that's the most fun way to tour a city. Plus, you get to see all of the monuments without having to spend a lot of time walking to each. Anyway, I checked my confirmation sheet and they don't give any refunds for ANY reason---weather, missed train, late plane, sickness---they listed just about everything you can think of. Steph said later that maybe if we'd called their bluff, they might not want to go out when it's that cold either. But I figure they would take you out until you decide you couldn't handle it. Either way you lose.

Instead, we decided to do some Christmas shopping. The mall was awesome---4 levels. I found several things for gifts.
We had lunch reservations at the Sugar Factory. Oh! My! Gosh! This place was incredible.
 Those chandeliers! The floor tile!
 This was the candy store side of the restaurant.
 The drinks!

 We have no idea what these drinks cost. Sandy got the Reese's martini---yes, it's rimmed in peanut butter! I got the red velvet martini---rimmed in cream cheese frosting! It was the BEST drink I've EVER had! I saved some of it for dessert. Stephanie got the lollipop---it came with two of those twisted suckers and a candy necklace. Mindy got the energy bear---loaded with gummy bears. She's still a sucker for gummy bears.

We waited over and hour and a half for lunch. It didn't really seem that long since we were talking, but the waiter kept coming over and apologizing that they were out of something we ordered. Turns out, they were out of 3 things. The manager came over after the second time and apologized. He explained that their food delivery had not arrived. I told him we'd feel a whole lot better if we could get one of those glasses (the waiter had told us they were not for sale)! He readily agreed and brought us one on the down low. When the waiter had to apologize once again, he told us that the manager was comping our whole meal! The food was just okay---pretty regular food---not bad, but not fabulous. But the drinks made up for it! They don't post the prices of the drinks on the menu. Now we'll never know what they cost. We would definitely go back. The manager told us that the company is looking at Nashville for a new location. I hope so!
When we saw the Garrett popcorn shop in the mall, we had to get some! Sure beats standing in line on the street in Chicago!
 Our hotel was just a couple blocks from the White House. We got back to the hotel from shopping around 4 p.m.
 The girls decided to go out browsing around.
 I stayed behind because I wanted a little nap and I've been to D.C. several times.
 This was the reason for the trip. Now we can say we've been to a premier!

Mindy and Stephanie always like to see what they are naming the special show cocktails. The show was soooo good! We'll definitely go again if/when it comes to Nashville. I wasn't happy with our seats, but the girls thought they were just fine. I'm spoiled. I like close seats. We were on row "T." I learned years ago, if I can't get Orchestra level tickets, I don't want them. Now I think I'm going to have to revise that. If I can't get within row "L" or closer--count me out! Another problem is that the rows were not graduated enough. I had a big head in front of me. Mindy traded, but then I noticed that she, too, had to lean to the side to see well. Anyway, I'm so glad the show was so good. 
We ended our whirlwind weekend with brunch at Cafe du Parc. Very nice and the food was delish. I've never met a crab benedict that I didn't like!

What I love most about our girls trips is watching the girls laugh so much. We just don't get to be together often enough! Oh, and I love that my girls LOVE to get dressed up!

Okay, now it's on to the holidays. I'll do the first round of the grocery shopping today. We kick off with Stephanie's birthday dinner on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday, it's Christmas decorating time and the start of the cooking.

I'm tired already!

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  1. marvellous, The White House looks almost real! (I'm joking, honestly) I love to see pictures of places, I am not a good traveller anymore so pictures are best for me


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