Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Movie Pass

Have you heard of "Movie Pass?" It's one more of the ever growing subscription services. Movie Pass costs $9.95 a month. It allows you to go to as many movies as you want during the month---but just one a day. You put the free app on your phone. When you get to the theater, you open the app, select your theater, select the movie and voila! The cost is loaded on your Movie Pass card or you can do it electronically right on your phone.
In Nashville, it works at every theater. It's been simple to use. Just like my books, I've decided to see how much money I save with it.

Connie and I saw "Goodbye Christopher Robin" (really good) on Monday. I asked Jason---our box office guy--if a lot of people are using the Movie Pass. He said not so much at the theater we were at, but at the other theater he works at, there's been a marked rise in attendance. I asked him how this company makes money. If you see more than one movie, they lose. The app is free and there isn't any advertising. For the movie theaters, it's a win/win. More people go to the show AND since the ticket is free, they spend more money on concessions. Jason told me once a few years ago that---that's where the movie theaters make their money---concessions. They don't make any money selling tickets as that goes to the producers.

Anyway, Movie Pass has been incredible easy to use. It's totally worth it. You can check it out for yourself here:

If you subscribe, let me know how you like it!

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