Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Our Holiday Part 2

So, on Saturday, Sandy and family left early. In hindsight, she's very glad she didn't take me up on my offer to include her and the girls in our plans.

A few months ago, I came across what I thought would be a fun activity. It was a train trip on the Polar Express---from Nashville to Watertown, TN. We arrived at 8:30 and boarded. We had no idea what to expect. I thought the train would be festively decorated. Stephanie thought they would be playing the movie. We all thought we'd have some good food and beverages. We were all wrong!

What we found were two rinky dink, small stickers on each window. There was no movie. Refreshments had to be obtained from the dining car---which you couldn't reach until Santa, his elves and the carolers came through---not only our car, but the cars in front of the dining car. Santa came through first with his elves. He stopped for pictures, but was finished within 5 minutes. The carolers followed. As they started, I thought, "oh my gosh---they are so terrible!" Then they stopped, apologized and started over. They were better then, but still not great. They sang exactly one song near us and moved along.

The girls made their way to the dining car and got us each a cup of hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll. They were pre-packaged---not great, but okay. At least it was all cheap. We were looking forward to arriving in Watertown and browsing the shops and having lunch.

Well, the train broke down in Lebanon. If I knew where we were, I would have gotten off the train. Instead, we called Butch to rescue us! He left right then. By the time we got to Watertown, we only had to wait about 15 minutes and he was there. It was about an hour for him.

We were all happy to be leaving this lame activity and salvage the rest of our precious afternoon. We stopped at Red Lobster in Mt. Juliet---about 40 minutes from Nashville. After lunch, when Butch dropped us at my car, Jordan realized she had left her purse at the restaurant. We had to go back. So much for salvaging the afternoon! By the time we got home, we really only saved ourselves about a half hour!

Still, we had fun together. It's not often we get Morgan and Jordan to ourselves without the boyfriends! And even though it was a bust---Stephanie thanked me for always trying to find fun things to do!

Actually, I felt sorry for all of those families with little kids---it was just no fun at all!

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