Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Upon Trying New Things

So, last fall, I convinced Connie to try Duplicate Bridge. She didn't want to do it. But after some consideration, she said that she would give it a chance. People tend to be intimidated by Duplicate Bridge. Yes, it's more serious than "party" bridge. But it's also waaaayyy more fun! I promised Connie that if she didn't like it, I would let her off the hook.

We only play once a month. The first couple of months were tricky. Connie said that she had trouble sleeping the night before and was nervous to play. Things have settled down for her. She's not nervous any more. She thought that having the director called on you was a terrible thing. He's there to act as a referee of sorts. Our director, Jerry, is very nice. I told him of Connie's nervous disposition and he has been extra nice to put her at ease.

Anyway, it has been 8 months now. She likes it. She doesn't know all of the crazy conventions, but then, she makes up for it with great card sense. For the most part, we've been holding our own. That changed today. We were "ON" it!! ALL DAY! We still might not always understand each other, but we're learning how to make it work.

Today was a great day! Even our mistakes turned out to be "good!" We started the day with me taking a chance and bidding a slam. Connie was none too happy since she was the one who had to play it. And play it she did! I knew that it might be a long shot. When she made it, I told her that no one else would bid it. And no one did! It happened again, a little later in the day. I took a chance another time and she MADE it AGAIN!! I felt pretty sure no one else would bid it, but one other couple did. It didn't matter.

We came in FIRST---by a long shot! We had a 66% game. To most who have no idea what this means--that's fantastic!

I hope we can keep it up. We're learning. But at least Connie is more relaxed now. Hopefully, we have a long duplicate future ahead of us!

Congrats girl!! Just goes to show---you never know if you'll like something until you give it a try! Here's to trying new things!

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